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Are $672 and $683 normal fines for a first offense Fake ID and MIP, respectively.
I was stopped by 4 ABC officers in a parking lot because they saw me with a beer. One of the officers then asked for my ID so I took out my phone and looked in my phone case where I keep all of my cards. I then realized that the only valid identification I had was my student ID, so I told the officer I did not have my license on me and handed him my student ID. He then shined his flashlight on my phone and told me he could see the edge of my fake ID and told me to hand it to him, so I did. He then began to pat me down and took me over to their vehicle to write my citations. As these are my first charges, I'm wondering if these are normal fines as they seem a little much, and also the chances of having the fake ID remanded to my file.
The fines a court is allowed to asses depends on the individual state statutes or city ordinance involved. Often there...
If the cop did not see me driving can I get a dui?
I have a lawyer we went to court and he was going to give me a duo so we are going to a higher court. A deer ran in front of my car and my car was totaled I was outside of the vehicle wen the cop pulled up. I dident think I was drunk so I did the breathalizer not thinking anything about it
Yes he can. How did the vehicle get there? I'm assuming you drove it. Contact a local MS DUI Lawyer for possible defenses.
How can someone be reinstated on parole with a DUI violation and DV charge that was dismissed and they have bad heart with only
D v charges dropped DUI time served and 6 months left on parole
You would have to work that out with MDOC. The courts do not get involved with the granting of early release.
At the time of a dui arrest does a person have the right to request a attorney be present during any field sobriety or chemical
Testing ? And if so what is the sub section law that states this right?
You may request an attorney, which you should do in a situation in which you feel that you are being investigated for...
First dui .10 in ms. Do i need a lawyer? What to except?
First dui
Yes you need a lawyer. DUI is a very serious matter that can have lasting effects on your daily life, and DUI is an...
Can my husband get a Felony DUI expunged after 16 years for Alcohol no violent charges
my husband needs a TWIC card for work & possibly a Passport he was working as surveyer bout 2 yrs ago & had to quit because ATF denied his explosive license he's never had any violate convictions and no wrecks from DUI no personal property damages or injuries to anyone
Unfortunately, a Felony DUI conviction cannot be expunged under Mississippi law. The current version of the only...
My husband has been locked up since 2010. Can he ERS with two dui warrants?
He caught two misdormenor dui's in 2009 in two different counties. He went to court on one but got violated soon after for other charges. He is getting ready to come home next year but still has two active warrants. What do I have to do to clear them up before he returns? And will the warrants effect him being able to get approved for ERS (early release) next year?
He will have to clear up his warrants and no way of knowing whether they will effect early release.