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Ok let's say I goto court on a DUI by Marijuana charge and a DUI drugs child endangerment charge
The mother of the child was in the car with me, and she say she felt completely safe and comfortable with me driving her and her kids, because I been with her all day so she know I wasn't under influence, could that charge of DUI drugs child endangerment get dropped?
You're clearly in over your head on this. DUI laws have little to nothing to do with "being under the influence." You...
My boyfriend was arrested for DUI less safe and blew a 12 what does that mean
Just need to know what blowing a 12 means
That means he was one and a half times over the legal limit.
How can I take care of a DUI that I got 16 yrs ago in Iowa, when I live in Ga?
I need to take care of a 16 year old DUI in Iowa. I live in Ga, and I am unable to go there.
Well, hats off to you for wanting to do something about this. Assuming that DUI was brought in a court that gives a...
Can I get a GA license before my NJ license is suspended for DWI
3 weeks ago I was arrested in NJ for a DWI and I am sure to lose my license. I am mortified that this occurred and am leaving the state. I know I will be required to fulfill all the state imposed punishments NJ hands down to me but I still plan on moving. I want to know, since I still have a valid drivers license in NJ and it has not been taken away, am I able to move to GA and get a license? I know GA does not take part in the Drivers License Compact but does take part in the National Driver Register which is the databases of U.S. drivers who have had their licenses revoked or suspended. So if I switch my license before a conviction or suspension is handed down will I be able to get the license and ultimately keep the GA license even if NJ found me guilty in say 6 months of a DWI?
I"m not sure it that will work of not. Your best course of action is get all this taken car of in New Jersey before you...
Moving out of state with a pending DUI? What will happen? Laid off of work and can no longer afford to live here.
My boyfriend was in a motorcycle accident and knocked unconscience. The police claim he was under the influence and said he refused a breathalyzer and they charged him with a DUI refusal test? but he has no memory of anything due to the head injury . He was taken by ambulance the hospital and they said he suffered a mild concussion. He was arrested after being relased from the hospital and posted bail and released. He aquired a lawyer to fight the charge because he was not under the influence of anything. The medical report had no mention of alcohol or drugs. He also has 2 prior DUI charges from Florida that are over 5 years old and this is his 3rd but in a different state. The lawyer has been giving him the run around for 5 months. He was just laid off of work yestsrday and that was the reason we moved here to begin with so we can no longer afford to stay . What is the worst to happen if we move out of state with a pending DUI ?
You may be violating pretrial release which could mean bond revocation and jail. Do NOT move unless your lawyer says OK.
Can I get a GA license while my GA DUI case is still pending? I'm military and have an out-of-state CA driver's license.
GA seized my CA license and supposedly sent it to the Atlanta DDS. I have lived in GA for about a year for training. I will likely plead guilty to DUI Less Safe. Before I enter the plea, can I still get a GA license prior to the case disposition, even though my CA license has been taken by GA law enforcement? I've already completed 40 hrs of community service and DUI School in GA. I'd like to face the GA penalties as a GA resident since I cannot return to CA for 3 months of CA DUI School. My CA license is clean; first offense in GA only. PCSing to Germany. I don't know if GA has reported my arrest to CA yet. I have a 180-day permit to drive in GA.
Make sure you send in the 10 day letter if you refused the state administered test. If you agreed to the test and blew...
Military Law. Officer with a DUI in Korea. What are my options?
I went out to get some food and drinks with some friends. I left the group early due to me being tired. I was driving to my place and I did not come to a complete stop at a stop sign. MPs pulled me over and breathalyzed me. I was brought back to the station and finger printed. I have not given my sworn statement yet. Im really scared right now and I would like some advice or someone to talk to.
You should definitely meet with a good criminal defense lawyer. There are many good ones in Columbus. You might also...