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Columbiana Crime

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  • Municipal Court

    Jun 19, 2017 | via Salem News 

    A June 26 preliminary hearing and pretrial was set in Columbiana County Municipal Court for Arthur J. Gingher, 46, East Martin Street, East Palestine, charged with theft and misuse of a credit card for allegedly taking a wallet belonging to Robert Urgitus from his home on April 10 and using the credit card from that wallet to make purchases at the Walmart in Poland for $400 and twice at the Circle K in East Palestine totaling $88. Lekhya Yanamala, 20, Trafford, Pa., was fined $675, had her suspended for a year, required to attend a three-day counseling program and ordered 30 hours community service for OVI first offense and traffic control devices.


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  • Columbiana man indicted for promoting prostitution

    Jun 9, 2017 | via Morning Journal 

    According to the court's website, Marcus Huffman, 32, Country View Circle, is charged with two counts of compelling prostitution, third-degree felonies, and two counts promoting prostitution, fourth-degree felonies. Huffman was charged in April by Beaver Township police who were investigating a Backpage advertisement posted by a known prostitute who had a warrant for her arrest, according to the initial Beaver Township police report.


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Columbiana Law

I received fines due to driving under suspension and 10 hours community service in November and have yet to pay. Jail time?
Like I have stated in my question. Also there is issue, I received another driving under suspension and have to appear in court tomorrow Friday March 31st. Will I go to jail for previous unpaid fines?
If you have not been to court yet - ask for a public defender when you get there.
My ex has work driving privileges from a dui. he was in an accident on his way to pick up our child. should I contact my atty?
I did not know he didn't have a DL until he was in the accident or I would have never allowed him to drive our son. We just went thru a nasty custody battle for child support ( that he still hasn't paid a year later) should I let my attorney know what happened? Should I not let him see him until he can drive again?
These are all answers you have to sift through for yourself. Just remember that you have a son in common with him and...
Urine test at pre trial- sent to jail - false positive???
my friend was pulled over about 8pm on a sunday night, she had her 2 year old daughter in the back seat. the officer said that she had touched the yellow line going around the bend.They asked her if she had been drinking, answer was no. breathalyzer test was 0. she offered a urine sample but was denied water, she offered to take blood test , was denied. let go after 5 hours charged with traffic violation and OVI.. at pre trial- judge asks for a urine sample without atty present. test came back pos for meth, which she has never done in her life. she had been taking sudafed for allergies. The judge said she was in contempt of court and sent her to jail for 30 days. did not even have the pre trial for traffic violation. Something seems wrong here....ANY HELP?????
It is VERY possible that this was a false positve and your friend needs to get an aggressive attorney involved asap....
My Fiance got a DUI 14 years ago, Now a warrant for him
He lived in ohio , ended up in PA one 14 years ago, ( he dont recall to much) He didnt even have Drivers License at the time , they towed his car , and he remembers them driving him back to the ohio state line and dropped him off... 2 months after this he was in jail then in prison from 1999, So he never thought of this at the times but there were several times he was locked up in OHIO, The prison/jail ran him nationwide every-time he got out, and there never was a warrant.. How he find out he had a warrant about this, He got pulled over in Ohio for not using his turn signal.. They radioed PA and they told OHIO they were not Extraditing.. He would like to take care of this but but he is in BAD health.. Grade Statute M2 75 § 3731 §§A1* M2 75 § 3731 §§A4* S 75 § 1543 §§A S 75 § 3334 §
Find a traffic attorney in the Ohio county where the warrant was issued. Have them negotiate a payment and recall of...
I, and my passenger, failed the HGN and had 0 drinks
I got charged with Ovi recently. I failed the HGN test, interestingly my passenger who had 0 drinks failed it as well. They let him drive my car to the police station when I was arrested, they gave him a field breath test but didn't give me one. Is this a possible defense that could be used?
In the real world, it is the officer that says whether you passed or failed a sobriety test. An arrest is usually a no...
Can an insurance company bring up the fact that I was dui when the police just issued a failure to control citation ,
Was involved in a accident, was just issued a failure to control citation but was taken to hospital, issuance wants my records can they bring up the fact that my blood alcohol level was over the limit and the be charged for dui?
I personally don't know of any laws or regulations that would prevent your insurance company from increasing the cost...
I was charged with ovi. It was cause of suspected drug use. I couldn't urinate why couldn't they take blood?
I wrecked company work vehicle and they found spoon and pills. I denied ownership of them was taken to police station and couldn't urinate so they said I refused test and took liscense for a year. I had no drugs not prescribed in my system and wanted to pee but couldn't. Why wouldn't they just take blood for testing.
This is always a tough set of circumstances. There are plenty of people who have trouble urinating on demand....