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Will the DMV administratively suspend his license according to a 3rd offense or a 1st offense?
My brother has a 3rd offense DUI within a 10 year period. He is being sent to transfer court to receive a 1st offense charge which alleviates the pressure from the more harsh charges and penalties that he initially was facing. He really lucked out. He legally regained his full driver's privileges because the initial suspension ended but, he has been waiting on an upcoming court date. How will the Department of Motor Vehicles handle his suspension term? I've heard that they see a 3rd DUI regardless of what criminal court mandates and I've also heard from an experienced DMV worker themselves that the DMV has to suspend a persons driver's license depending on the judge's sentencing. Thanks.
DMV is separate from the court and can act on its own. So if he has had 3 DUI convictions, they can act accordingly.
What are the chances of getting drug screened at my first appearance at court?
I got arrested for simple possession of amphetamines in July. I got out of jail on bond and went to rehab. I've been waiting for a court date to be scheduled, and just found out today that my first appearance is in a week. I have been smoking weed lightly but I've been off everything else. I last smoked on new years, what are the chances of getting tested the day of the first appearance? It's my first drug offence and I plan on being honest to the judge if he asks if I can pass a drug test.
If a true first appearance, That will not happen. It is no more that roll call, really. And you may want to get a...
When Someone Gets A 30 Day Sentence In Court In One County But Got Locked Up In Another County The Same Or Next Day
What Happens When Someone Gets A 30 Day Sentence In Court In One County But Got Locked Up In Another County The Same Or Next Day. The Person Served 3 To 4 Months In The County He Went To But Didn't Get A Chance To Serve The 30 Days In The Other County Where He Was Sentence. Will The Other County Be Notified In The System That He Was Released Or Will They Say Time Served For That Other County As Well.
Your question is a bit difficult to follow in terms of facts. He or she may have to serve time in the other county, as...
Should I go to a Jury trial or plea guilty?
Charged with a DUI. Never left the parking lot. Scratched a guy's bumper. Gave him my insurance info (my insurance did fix his bumper) but because I lived in another state he requested a lump sum of $ in case I couldn't be found. I was in town after my Father's funeral that day, had no lump sum of $ to give him, he called the police. I refused a breathalyzer, didn't really try at the "walk the straight line test". Requested a jury trial- 1st offense, less than 0.1. Attended a roster meeting today, the officer dropped it to a DUAC . I was grateful for the lesser charge & fine. The judge would not accept my plea of guilty today & persistently said I needed to reconsider my plea, take into account my rights to a jury trial, take some time & consult with an attorney. I can't afford an attorney. I had a consultation several months ago & she made it seem like the DUAC would be the outcome WITH an attorney. The judge took it upon himself to schedule me for a jury trial & again said I needed to think about this.... PLease tell me what course of action I need to take. The hearing is on Monday, November 7th.
The Judge did you a great favor, in my opinion, and you would be well advised to hire a criminal defense attorney and...
Do I still need SR22 insurance
I was charged with DUI first offense but I wasn't driving my car, so therefore I know that my insurance had nothing to do with it. I paid my fine and my license got suspended for 6 months. I'm in the process of trying to get a car. Do I still have to get SR22 insurance??? Or my old insurance company never found out about it. I need help
You don't want to make any false statements to your insurance company
How did I end up with a DUI carrying empty epiepsy meds on my way to fill them non narcotic not a controlled substance when he s
Got into a fender bender when the officer asked me for my papers he seen the medicine bottles asked to look at them they had expired the day before I was on my way to fill them non narcotic not a controlled substance he read side effects which say may cause drowsiness (so does allergy meds) and got a dui he asked me for my papers and that's when he seen the empty bottles asked to see them read the side effects and arrested me for dui
I am sorry this happened to you. Your next step should be to hire a criminal defense attorney who deals with DUI/DWI....
How many time i need to do the n 400 test
i apply one time and i pass the test and they denaid my application i was have case but it finish now and i apply again do i need to do the test again
If you have a DUI on your record, you may have been excluded. You give. Very little information in your queerly....