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  • Three suspects arrested in Columbia burglary

    Dec 14, 2017 | via WDAM-TV Hattiesburg 

    Officers responded to a residential burglary on Bay Avenue at approximately 12:42 p.m., where the victim informed them that a Johnny Madison and Zachary Forbes broke into his residence and stole several tools, tool boxes and other miscellaneous items, according to a post on the Columbia Police Department's Facebook page. A neighbor told police he witnessed a red Pontiac occupied by a white female and two white males leaving the scene.


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Columbia Law

How can I get a license in Mississippi if I had one suspended in Kentucky?
So I had my license suspended for 90 days in Kentucky over 3 years ago. Its been way over the suspended time but I was also supposed to take a DUI course I couldn't afford at the time. I now live in Mississippi and need my license back. How do I go about doing that?
In all probability, you are going to have to clear up the suspended license in Kentucky before Mississippi will issue a...
I have a reccord of going to give blood,This is in my file from previce sherrif.Well new sherrif is charging a DUI to me 13 year
i want to know can thet cgarge me the DUI 13 years later. Now the offscer a state cop'.
Of course the charge can be made, but remember the state still has the burden of proof. A 13 year delay is ripe for a...
In state of MS, a minor was a passenger on ATV intoxicated adult took them for a ride on their ATV, hit branch near deer plot
parents intoxicated minors with moonshine and themselves, took ATV ride, told police hit fallen branch & flipped, minor sustained severe brain trauma, homeowner and ATV owner (the same) has their ins. tendering policy of $25,000 for ATV; however, claims location of accident was on his mom land, adjacent to his, but he had permission to be on it. questions: #1 would his homeowners apply and why, yes or no; #2 i am sure his mom's homeowners would apply if she had a home on the land, if not, what recourse do I have if the accident did occur on her land??? Would the ATV owner's homeowner apply given that he drove the ATV and was less than 5 minutes from his home at permission of his mom? #3 would any of his three vehicles policy apply, and if so why and/or what coverage would he need to have
With an injury of this nature, you really need to be represented by an attorney. None of us can adequately address...
Will I be able to not be charged with a dui other?
I recently went through a roadblock and the officer said he smelt marijuana. He asked if I had smoked lately and I said I had atleast 5 hours before. He searched my car and didn't find any marijuana Bc I didn't have any but did find an ecstasy pill. I wasn't given any kind of field test or a blood or urine test for the dui but was still written up for it. I know I have a possession of controlled substance for sure but I am confused as to how I can be given a dui other if there is not really any evidence to that besides that I said I had 5+ hours before and I don't believe I was under the influence anymore at the time
The officer will likely testify to "a strong smell of marijuana" coming from your car, and that he observed signs of...
Is a DUI a charge involving alcohol only?
I received a citation and was arrested for DUI but wasn’t given any tests ( breathalyzer or field sobriety)
Should contact an experienced counsel that has the knowledge to win DUI cases. Many of us have free consultations.
DUI from another state?
I received a DUI in Florida on 12/24/2016, I was at the time a KY resident and valid driver's license holder, I now live in Bay St Louis, Ms, my question is, are the MASEP classes here in Ms, acceptable to KY? I have no intentions of moving back nor obtaining a KY drivers license but I have to meet both FL and KY court orders apparently? I have been sentenced, 6/6/2017, all I have left to do is my classes and evaluation/s? Thank you Dennis Weaver
Call the Kentucky and Florida courts and ask.
CCan I find out if my daughters drivers license is still suspended due to 2nd offense DUI in Mississippi ??
Just trying to find out because she has 2 small children
Absolutely. Has she been convicted for the second offense or is she waiting for trial.