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I didn't receive the notice in the mail and the case is suppose to be on 10/30/14 and I still haven't received it and when I called the circuit court they miss spelled my name. That when I found out why I couldn't find my case info. My lawyer told me that the case was on 10/30 but I though we are both suppose to get the heating notice in the mail.
In most counties, they give you the jury trial notice in the District Court when you ask for a jury trial and this is...
His court date is set for next week. However, he had an interview where they already ran a background check on him and it returned the MVA information which documents that he has a work restricted license for an alcohol offense. His employer didn't ask him anything about pending or current convictions, they just ran the check. Can they use the MVA results against him if he has no actual conviction? Do they have to tell him if they do? Should he say anything to explain himself to the potential employer?
He should not say anything about anything unless they ask. He should get an attorney to represent him in court.
I have a MD license. I received a DWI in another state in early March of 2012. Less than a month before my 2 yr DWI violation date would have been I received a speeding ticket in MD. I went to MVA court last year in order to fight for my license to not be revoked due to points and it was not. I know that in MD points are retroactive to violation date and not conviction date. If I pay the pay fine would the MVA still bring me to court due to the fact that at the time of my speeding violation I had 12 points on my license for less than a month?
Do not pay the speeding ticket. Request a trial date within 30 days of the ticket. If the officer does not show up,...
I have a court date that is coming within the week, but have not effectively gotten a legal representative. I was curious as to whether I was capable of delayed the court date so that I may further my search for an attorney without any consequence.
You have a legal right to have an attorney represent you. However you cannot take forever to find an attorney. Most...
Not without more
I got a DUI consented to a breath test and was over .15 and deciding weather interlock or the hearing is the right course. I noticed on the DR-15a for that the Tech wrote the facility as a different police station then the one that I was held. The address he wrote was about 15 miles away from where I took the breath test. Is that enough to overturn the suspension/Interlock?
Technical objections are not as good as they used to be. Judges at MVA hearings generally will not give a finding of no...
This was my first DUI. I had a public defender for my first court date and was given 12 months parole, community service, and other alcohol realted coursework all of which was completed except missing 2 dates. I was re-arrested and posted bail. Since then I've reported to all dates and random testing.
Do you mean probation? Parole is for felony offenses. In any case, the answer is yes, if you had a suspended jail...