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  • News of Record for May 24, 2016

    18 hrs ago | via The Union Democrat 

    7:23 p.m., drugs - A man in apartments on Greenley Road offered a 9-year-old and 11-year-old drugs "if they were good." 12:27 a.m., Groveland - A man on Elder Lane left a 10-year-old alone at home with a 6-month-old baby while he went to look for his girlfriend at the bar.


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  • Columbia man seeks different judge for trial

    Monday May 2 | via The Union Democrat 

    Geoffrey Scott Wagner, 28, of the 10800 block of North Airport Road, will appear at 1:15 p.m. today in Department 1 in the Tuolumne County Superior Court. On Monday, Wagner asked for a different judge to hear his case because Judge James Boscoe said at the start of the hearing that he used to play racquetball with deputy District Attorney Eric Hovatter years ago.


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  • V122 resurrects King George II, grapples with impost...

    Sunday May 1 | via Columbia Spectator 

    Impromptu ukulele serenading, hating on Notes & Keys, and a hollering Shreyas Manohar, CC '19, running across the stage in diapers - welcome to Hamilton , writers Anika Benkov, CC '16, and Michael Rodriguez, CC '16, brought to the stage the man himself , along with John Jay , Robert Livingston , and the founder of King's College, His Royal Highness King George II Acting as narrators trapped in portrait frames, the Founding Fathers feat. George introduce themselves as those who have watched over Columbia throughout the ages, before proceeding to introduce our heroine, Jenny.


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  • Man disputes court-ordered doctor's findings

    Friday Apr 29 | via The Union Democrat 

    A man accused of having several Molotov cocktails at his Columbia home is disputing a psychiatrist's opinion he is incompetent to stand trial. Geoffrey Scott Wagner, 28, of the 10800 block of North Airport Road, will appear at 1:30 p.m. Monday in Department 2 of the Tuolumne County Superior Court.


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Columbia Law

Can I get an IID in my car if I got a DUI while under 21?
I was convicted of a DUI with GBI in December of 2015. I was under 21 when I got my DUI but am 21 now. So as of right now the mandotory actions part of the dmv has told me I can't get any license until then. (Hard Suspension). I forgot to ask if I was eligible for an IID. So my question is can I get an IID installed in my vehicle is that part of the hard suspension. Thanks
no if you have a gbi that means you plead to a felony with injuries. one year hard suspension from conviction date
Can my wife receive unemployment insurance after getting a DUI?
My wife worked as a Veterinarian and got a DUI on her day off. The owner of the vet practice, is a close friend and told my wife that she was no longer employed. It's been a week now and my wife was told her last check would be available on 10/9/15.
She can apply, but the vet practice can appeal if she is awarded benefits. If they show that she caused her termination...
Whats going to happen, ?1st dui offense booked&released i called DA office for lab results for 3 months. now 8mo later a warrent
i never got a court date or warrent in my mail, and i called the da office for the first few months for my blood test license is still even valid.Now all of a sudden 8 mo down the road theres a No Bail warrent. and im on summery probation i was already booked and released at the time of arrest. also i wasnt even under the influence of anything! i was out of gas on the side of the road, they did.there sobriety tests on me like 6 times before i had to give blood...and searched the vehicle a bunch of times too...the only thing i had was prescription meds in there correct bottles and i take them as prescribed.i cant afford a lawyer.if theres jail time, how long? or better yet,,how can i beat this and not have to go to jail for this No Bail warrent?...i havent done anything wrong
If you cannot afford a lawyer, request a court appointed one. "I can't afford a lawyer, so tell me how to be one on...
If your diabetic can that make breath test inaccurate? Do the new hand held machines account for this?
if you are diabetic under some circumstances the brass instruments will read high and the handheld devices are no...
Penalty for violation of restricted license in Calif.I'm a first time dui offender
Attending dui classes.paid all fines.can drive to,from work and classes.
If you are driving for any reason other than terms of restriction, then your license is suspended for that purpose. If...
A family member is on probation (felony) dui (2), drugs brought into jail during arrest., welfare fraud. transporting etc
drawing state disability while on probation, even doing work release while on disability, in jail on disability, 30 days. Working under the table, drawing social security, receiving vacation checks from her work. Is this a violation of her probation?
If you are so inclined, call her probation officer and he determine whether it's a violation of her probation. From...
Convicted of vc23152a and b b was dropd no blood or urine taken can I reverse this to b
As a effects my atf profile negatively