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What do i do now ?
Couple of months ago i was in a car accident and the cops gave me a citation i have already used two of my extension , I'm on my third now, and trying to pass my behind the wheel test. I am trying to pass my behind the wheel test (i have my permanent) so i can receive my licence. My extension end on the 12/9/16 , and i still haven't passed the test yet. what do i do now, a lady at the court told me all i would need to do is pass my test first and then pay the fine. some advice would help . i am going to make a appointment at dmv and try to pass my second try on my behind the wheel test.
Take driving lessons..........................
Will I be facing some jail time for my DUI?
Recently got my first DUI Nov 8, 2013 got court on March 11, 2014 in Riverside, CA. My license is suspended & I'm currently working on getting my restricted license. Already have my SR-22 just need to enroll to the first offender program so I can get the restricted license from the DMV. Now I just need to know if I'm going to be facing jail time? I can't really do time because I attend college & work full time.
While technically a possibility, jail time on a first offense in Riverside county rarely happens. I've never seen it...
Can I take the First offender program before my court date? Also I'm I going to have to retake it once I'm convicted?
Got a DUI Nov 8 in Riverside & court isn't til March 3, I'm on hard suspension right now til Jan 9 but I want to get a restricted license to drive to work. I know I have to enroll into the first offender program and get an SR-22 (Which I already have). What I want to know if I do enroll into the DUI class before my court date & I get convicted will I have to retake the class again once I'm convicted? I don't want to be throwing away money & I want to get these classes out of the way and take everything care of ahead of time.
You can enroll in the program for dmv purposes without a court order to do so. If convicted of a DUI, depending on how...
Reg. dui arrest for drugs(meth) ,non commercial veh., /drvr. has a CDL.
) spectrum of penalties,what blood test is most commonly used, what factors compromise such test( false positive or inconclusive), what reduced charge can i plead to in order to protect my CDL.
If you are lucky this will remain a DUI... Either being under the influence of, or driving under the influence of meth...
Cali.-My 1st DUI was in 2004, convicted of #2 in 2010, first DUI was under 7 year law, has been 7 years already, can i expunge?
I was convicted of my 1st DUI in California in 2004 under the 7 year law, i was then conicted of my 2nd in June of 2010. It has already been 7 years for the first one, after my current probation for DUI #2(which is 3 years starting from June of 2010) could i get the 1st DUI expunged or not show on driving record? I am having hard time obtaining employment because of TWO DUI's showing up and if i can get that down to just ONE showing then it would help me a little. And how do "points" work on a driving record and DUI's?
The lookback period for determining whether a DUI will count as a prior is ten years. But that doesn't affect whether...
Can I get an extension on my DUI program?
My dui program was due in Feb. This yr. I just finished my classes about 2 weeks ago. Even tho I finished my classes I didn't receive my certificate due to the fact I still have a balance due. I need an extension just till I i pay my balance off. If I go to court is there a possibility of me going to jail?
If this is your one and only incident?, you're probably fine, but you should get in to see the judge asap. Best of luck
Got a DUI in 2008 and worry about travel outside of the United States.
Hi, I got a DUI in 2008/10 and I went through all the DUI program, AA meeting, and paid the fine in 2009. (Ever since then, I didn't even got a speed ticket or anything violate the law) By then I was a student and using F1 visa to come into the States. never got a problem. After that, I stayed in California and obtained H1-B Visa (2010-2015) and finally got my green card in 2015 Dec. However, when I travel outside of US and reentry to US, 70% of the time, the custom officers take me to the small room for check up. But they just doing nothing, not asking me a question, I just sitting there for 2 hours wait. Then they will return my passport to me. Since Trump is very restrict on immigration, I would like to if I travel outside of US again, will I be in trouble return to US? I read some articles on internet and newspaper, seems like some people got deported because they got a DUI. Thank you
You should meet with an immigration lawyer in person with your disposition records and discuss the circumstances, as it...