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I know for PA this is considered a 2nd offense out of state. In NJ, is this a first offense or second offense?
It will be considered a second offense DUI/DWI
I got a DUI in the middle of 2013, and i want to apply for citizenship now. Will my DUI be grounds for denial? I have paid the ticket and went to IDRC class, but my license will be suspended for another 2 months. and should i send any documents from the DUI with my application and if any which?
that conviction should not be a problem
Moving to Georgia but don't know if I'm able to obtain a drivers license
I do not think so. You need to get the Ga. license before you are suspended. Ga. may not suspend your Ga. license.
I know she shouldn't be driving but she is planning on it anyway. She feels that he is less likely to get pulled over driving my car than driving her own. It is my car and insurance and I am worried that I could get in trouble if she gets caught.
Under no circumstances should she drive. You could face civil and/or potential criminal charges should the police find...
just a question not going to
all of the above are theoretically possible depending on the circumstances. Generally speaking if it is for personal...
was traffic stop he was on way to hospital to get stiches for cut to head was passenger cop asked if he had been drinking he said yes 3 beers received ticket- first time offender - how to plead for YOP do we need to be in court with him?
You need toask a Pa attorney.
received a non compliance summons, what should i do or expect
You should expect to be ordered to comply with the court's sentence. You will also likely be given an additional fine...