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Green Card renewal after DUI conviction
My green card expires in January of 2017. I am getting ready to apply for a renewal, I had a DUI conviction back in 2007 and 2013. What are the chances that my renewal will be denied or that I will be deported? Yes, I know I made a mistake so I am not looking to be crucified for them, just looking for some help.
A green card renewal is not likely to be denied for 2 DUI convictions several years apart.
DUI Refusal question.
My girlfriend just won her writ of mandamus to overturn her DMV refusal. Now as far as the criminal court, the DA is putting a little resistance on her refusal. Just wondering if she can use that civil case success for her coming up dui criminal trial as a leverage to fight that refusal. Thanks
This is a question best answered by her lawyer. The DMV hearing process is not the same as the court process, the...
What happens when you get a 23152 (a) and a 23152 (e) on one violation ticket?
I got a DUI a week ago. I am over 21 years old. I am a first time offender. The officer put me in handcuffs but did not read me my rights because he did not take me to jail. He gave me the option to be taken to First Chance, which is a private clinic, where they took a blood test and housed me for 7 hours, releasing me the next morning. I am wondering if I have two DUI's because there are two citations on the ticket, one for DUI and one for DUI DRUGS? I am not very familiar with legal proceedings, as this is the first time I've ever come in contact with law enforcement. Admittedly, I am quite terrified.
It sounds like the arresting officer thought you were under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or both, so he cited you...
What do I need to do after my temporary driver license expires?
arrested for a dui w/ 0.08% BAC or more have an Oregon driver's license Temporary license expires 11/7/16 Court case has not been filed yet and court date got postponed county clerk said I would receive my court date notice in the mail unsure of the procedures involving a license suspension
If you contact DMV within 10 days, your license is good pending a stay. If you didn't contact DMV, your right to...
Can i have my dui probation termination early ? what are the chances ?
i got Dui (0.10% BAC from blood test) in year 2015 January 28th, and my court date was 2015 march 16th (San mateo county,ca), i got 3 years probation and i paid all my fines,finished alcohol program and finished sheriffs work program and no criminal history only Dui misdemeanor first offence.Now i want to terminate probation early and apply for expungement.I just want to know is it possible or not and if possible how much they charge for process and how long it will take ? Thanks in advance
You can ask the judge to terminate your probation early, as it seems you have now completed all tasks and half the time...
Can anyone recommend an attorney in the San Mateo area who specializes in filing the expungement form for a first time DUI?
I got a first time DUI misdemeanor in 2012 in San Mateo County, CA and have since completed all the fines and conditions. I kept a copy of all my records too. By the way, the DUI had no aggravating circumstances etc. I am looking to get the DUI expunged. Can anyone recommend an attorney in the San Mateo area who specializes in filing the expungement form? I'd like to get an idea of cost of this legal service and the filing fee/s. I also no longer live in San Mateo, CA so while I don't anticipate that there may be need for a court appearance in this regard, I need to factor in this possibility that I may need representation by an attorney if the court required an appearance.
You can use the ‘Find a lawyer’ tab at the top of the page.
Can i get charged with second DUI even when my BAC was below 0.08? Or it will be only violating probation?
I got caught for violation DUI probation. My BAC when i caught was 0.05 when the cops stopped me and 0.03 in the correction facility.
It will most likely be just a probation violation which will cause a 1 year driver's license suspension. However,...