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What should I expect from a 2nd dui offense?
I had my first dui within the past year and my lawyer got me off with unsupervised probation, I just got my second one a week ago, and I am wanting to know what to expect whenever I go to court. I know the maximum you can get a year so is that what I should expect to get?
Not necessarily. Retain the same attorney you had for your first DUI and discuss the facts with him or her. There may...
If I have warrents can I go take my drivers license test without being arrested?
My licence expired in April and I know I'll have retake the written and driving portion, but I have warrents and I would like to know if I can get a new license without getting arrested.
The first thing a state does is suspended your license or your ability to obtain a license when you are a FUGITIVE....
How do i get or write on the petition reinstatement of my licenses i have server all my suspension year ago
have all my receipts and satop paper i know i need interlock device but got to get judge order of reinstatement first
The best way would be to hire an attorney to write and present the petition. This is not a self help project and you...
Just got my third DWI will I be charged with a felony
My first one was a infraction, second one was a misdemeanor, will my third one be a felony in st charles
The felony complaint must be filed in state court not city court. Usually, after the city prosecutor sees your prior...
Can I get probation for a class C felony in Missouri with no priors in Missouri but multi priors in Illinois from 10+ yrs ago?
No other drug offences in Illinois. Just felony dui and res burglary and theft from 10+ yrs ago.
Possible yes guaranteed no. It will depend a lot on the facts of your case and what jurisdiction you are being...
Can i sue Guardian interlock for damaging my car?
I was forced to put the interlock in for an extra 6 months after the shop took it off without telling me i needed to call the state to confirm the dates, it was within 10 days of getting it removed. I had to put it in my new car and when they attempted to do so they damaged my electrical harness in my car, i had to take it to the dealership, five days and $400 later they told me the person that put it in knocked a harness loose. I have contacted the company 3 times now, no response, this happened back in July and no one will return my call. I have a full report from the dealership stating what happened.
Yes you could. But if your damages are only $400 then its probably not worth the time and money it will cost to sue....
I am on probation with Midwest adp for a dui I got another one which revoked my probation an had to start over so I got lucky.
Now I recently got a driving on revoked ticket which is another violation what should I expect to happen at court. Ps it's the same judge that has dealt with all this
Possible jail time. Speak to the attorney who is handling your cases.