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If u are refused a blood test, is that grounds for dismissal?
I was pulled over in carutersville, missouri, and the officer said I was weaving. Upon walking up to my car he didn't state that, he just asked what I was doing over there. He gave me the fields sobriety test, but prior to it I advised him I couldn't do it due to several medical issues. Two brain injuries, inner ear imbalance and several others. I take medications that cause me uncoordinated and for my eyes to jerk His supervising officer refused to let me have a blood test run. I can and will give all details to that night upon hiring an attorney. Thanks, Keith.
No dismissal on these facts. The officer does not have to provide you with the choice of the blood test. The officer...
Coming up on the end of my 5 Year license suspension for DWI. In Missouri I have seen that you need to file a petition?
Do I need to file a petition against the State in order to be able to get my license back or is it "time served"?
You have to file a action in court. It is not automatic. You need an attorney as well.
What happens when A first alcohol offense charged with fail to drive within a single lane, 2nd dwi and she just received a third
What will happen if she goes to prison with custody of her child
You are asking about two separate matters here. I trust you understand this person needs an attorney to represent her...
I got a DUI 8 years ago, do i still put it on job applications?
I got a DUI in Arkansas in 2007 and convicted in 2008. I need to know if I should put that down on a job application.
Unless there is a reason that it would be a closed record it will still appear on any criminal history ran as well as...
Should I get a lawyer for my charge of driving with a revoked license?
I was arrested for driving with a revoked license. This is my first offense for driving with a revoked license. However, my license was revoked for a DWI and possession of a small amount of marijuana (under a gram), both of which I was convicted of in August of last year in Callaway County. I've done a little research, and I've found that jail time seems to be a likely outcome. So I am curious as to whether I should seek legal representation, since serving any amount of time would lead to me losing my job and make an already difficult family financial situation much worse.
I am not licensed in Missouri, so out of respect for any experienced attorney licensed in Missouri who respond to your...
DWI case was dismissed by Judge and has now been set aside.
What reason would a Judge need to set aside a Dismissal for a DWI because the Prosecuting Attorney didn't show up for the case? Our attorney stated after the dismissal that the judge would have to have a real good reason to reopen the case; the DA would have be in an accident or on his death bed. The case has been set aside and they set a new trial date has been set, however the DA states that he will now be on vacation do before the trial date is reset here is my final offer DWI-amend to careless and imprudent - $350.00 plus costs, Failure to yield to an emergency vehicle to a parking ticket-amend to illegal parking $100.00 plus costs! Failure to to drive in a single lane - Nolle Prosse, (I believe then mean they'll drop it), 2 points assessment on license. We won the refusal to blow case
Read all the orders, the one dismissing, and the one setting aside the dismissal. That should bear some light on this.
What is admissible as probable cause?
I have a DUI pending but the probable cause listed is my medical records from a previous hospital visit earlier in the week stating I had been drinking. Is there a time limit they have to abide by when using my medical records? Doesn't the hospital have to inform me if they've released these records to anyone?
Do you mean to ask what is admissible evidence in a probably cause hearing or would this constitute probably cause?