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What are the consequences of being high and drunk in public?
I left a party and I had no way of getting home because my phone stopped working. At this party I smoked and drank a little bit but I was definitely in control of my behavior. However since I was lost I had no choice but to find the police. My father picked me up and the officer said I had a citation for smoking pot. He also gave me a breathalyzer but he never told me the number and never did further test. I want to know what are the possible consequences and the best way to handle this situation
It sounds as if you were on foot, and if you are not operating a motor vehicle there is no DUI implication. However, if...
Should my husband get a lawyer before or after he has been formally charged.
3 weeks ago my husband was changing a flat tire; police came by and saw he had cup; asked if alcohol in it and he said yes; they gave him breathalizer which I believe indicated above legal limit. Took him for a blood test but have not yet received results. He was taken to jail since his car was towed but released. We are assuming he will be charged since yesterday we received mail from about 10 local lawyers advertising for DUI cases. This is a first offense and he is 72 years old.
He should get an attorney as soon as possible. Don't wait for the formal charges to come in the mail. You could...
Do I need to hire two separate lawyers for one arrest, a DUI with child endangerment charges?
My two children, ages 14 and 12 were in the car with me when I got stopped for a DUI. How do I handle this, try to get the DUI dropped so there are no child endangerment charges or try to get the child endangerment charges bargained down?
you hire 1 Criminal Defense Attorney.
Does a marijuana dui fall under P.L. 233 no. 64 ?
need to know for a challenge form for a firearm purchase.
DUI is a DUI, so it likely counts for firearms.
Under 21, DUI in Pa.... What is my penalties?
Shy of turning 21 in a month. Blew a .06. I am curious as to what my penalties are. I have to do intervention. And I am doing the ARD classes, but I was curious as to how long I might lose my license..?
If you get ARD your suspension in Montgomery County would be 90 days. You should contact a qualified defense attorney...
Will a pending dui charge stop me from purchasing a firearm?
marijuana dui 1st offence
Only if charged and convicted of a felony.
I was charged with a marijuana dui recently. I am also in the pa national guard will I be discharged for this?
There was a 17 year old also in car.
Maybe, maybe not. You'd be best served to speak with JAG through whatever legal assistance office or Trial Defense...