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Suspended License in Different State?
Hi everyone, and thank you for your time. I recently got a DWI in New Jersey. My diving privileges in NJ are suspended for three months. This was a month ago. My home state (part of the interstate compact) has still yet to suspend my license. As long as my license in my home state is valid and I am not driving in NJ - am I OK to drive? Best,
Yes. As long as you are not driving in New Jersey.
Does a marijuana dui fall under P.L. 233 no. 64 ?
need to know for a challenge form for a firearm purchase.
DUI is a DUI, so it likely counts for firearms.
Under 21, DUI in Pa.... What is my penalties?
Shy of turning 21 in a month. Blew a .06. I am curious as to what my penalties are. I have to do intervention. And I am doing the ARD classes, but I was curious as to how long I might lose my license..?
If you get ARD your suspension in Montgomery County would be 90 days. You should contact a qualified defense attorney...
Will a pending dui charge stop me from purchasing a firearm?
marijuana dui 1st offence
Only if charged and convicted of a felony.
I was charged with a marijuana dui recently. I am also in the pa national guard will I be discharged for this?
There was a 17 year old also in car.
Maybe, maybe not. You'd be best served to speak with JAG through whatever legal assistance office or Trial Defense...
Whats the normal procedure for being charged for a first offence dui? will I have to go to court more than once?
first offence
If you hire a lawyer, they can attend hearings for you. If you just want to plead guilty and face the consequences,...
E 2 in pa national guard charged with marijuana dui whats going to happen?
first time offence
Difficult question to answer the way it is asked. You will go through the usual procedures for a DUI. If this is a...