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Do we have a "Right to Travel "without drivers license since traveling in Recreational vehicle? Non-Commercial Purpose driving
JusticeTolman of the Washington Supreme Court (ref) . Or legal maxim is that free people have a right to travel on the roads which are provided by their servants. I also know that that RCW 46.20.001 requires you to have a driver’s license but yet it states "(1) No person may drive a motor vehicle upon a highway in this state without first obtaining a valid driver's license issued to Washington residents under this chapter.” THERE IS NO LICENSE ISSUED UNDER THIS CHAPTER And RCW 46.25.080 is the only thing talking about what is needed and only talks Commercial Licenses. I also know about RCW 46.025.050 Commercial driver's license required Exceptions, restrictions, reciprocity. which states "Exception for(c) Who is operating a recreational vehicle for noncommecial WAC 300-100-210
Get a license to drive in the State where you reside or get a ticket and have to pay a fine, do work crew, community...
Will I get a plea bargain for a neg 1 charge and is it advisable to try to get the charges dropped altogether?
I was pulled over for not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign and the officer said my tires lost traction. I passed a sobriety test and blew a .045. The officer said he would give me a warning but when I pulled out to leave he said a vehicle behind me had to hit its brakes because I cut him off. I and the two people I was with didn't ever seen the vehicle and there were 3 squad cars with their lights on parked behind me. I was then arrested and bailed out the next day.This is my first offense. Also, the officer that administered the alcohol test also works as the campus security director at the university I attend and reported me to them. The campus is alcohol free and I got expelled. It seems that there was a conflict of interest between the officer and the school. Any suggestions?
Your question does not state what you are charged with, or your age. It is rare to see a DUI charge filed, if that...
12 years ago got a dui in oregon since it was so long ago can i pay the fine ?
Iwas sent a show cause for a dui citation and not completing classes. at the bottom of the letter it said balance due 1462 dollars. owed after 12 years?
This situation is a “two-sided coin.” Assuming you’ve made it 12 years without any new crimes, it shows you are...
Will I get charged for a DUI if I blew at 0.7 in the station?
I weigh 160 pounds white malei had 2 pabs blue ribbons at a bar played a game of pool and drove home I was stopped for sliding on ice through a stop sign I blew a .08.3 on spot I was arrested for dui in the station I then blew .07 about 20 minutes later will I be charged for a dui? Also the officer was out of his jurastiction when made the arrest.
There really isn't a "out of jurisdiction" issue when it comes to law enforcement so that isn't an argument that works....
How do i get charges reinstated ?
My daughter was killed in a head on collision by a cops son and now they are dropping the charges against him. They claim they forgot to drug test him and even tho he has stated he was using pot that he now says he wasnt and dropped vehicular homicide charges. I need help on what type of lawyer to even talk to.
Only the prosecutor has the power to press charges. A call to the local press might get their attention. You may...
Is it legal for the Walla Walla , Washington homeless shelter to drug test peop0le them selves
I'm staying at the Walla Walla, WA homeless shelter. They are drug testing people them selves, also standing behind them and watching. They have also told me that they were going to denied me my meds from my Dr. because it contains THC the man even argued with me trying to tell me what was and what was not better for with my medications he is not a Dr. or pharmacist. They told me if I were to take these meds that they would kick me out. Is it legal for them to do this to people.
Yes, it is legal to drug test people who wish to reside in their facility. If you do not want to be tested don't go to...
What am i going to get charged with, for furnishing alcohol to a minor in Walla Walla Washington?
i was with a friend that is 18 years old and he took some alcohol from his parents fridge without permission and we went out fishing and the police showed up and i took the blame for it so he wouldn't get in trouble.
There is no need for you to take blame for anything you didn't do. Get an attorney, an experienced criminal defense...