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Hello I Got a PBJ for a DUI last year at the end of this month. I was given one year of PBJ and a fine. The year will be over in 2 weeks. My question is does it just end and thats it, or will I have to have to go back to the court house. I have no viloations. Also this was a paperless PBJ unsupervised no specific stipulations. Thanks
The probation portion will be over, however you must wait till three years has passed before you can expunge the conviction.
I received a dui in 2006 in CA vehicle code 23153 (B). I was not convicted of a felony, as they couldnt find my ex to testify, who was under the influence of cocaine and began arguing with me (I was not under the influence of Cocaine, blood testing confirmed) who angerly pulled my E-brake resulting in me hitting a concrete light pole. She claimed via her a bloody nose, caused by her addiction and having a sensitive nostril cavity and the airbag deploying; clearly causing her so-called bodily injury. I have not driven since, and health issues arose and after going through the horseshit SSI System that took 3.5 years, upon which I won due to Rugby injuries sustained over 15 years and developing diabetes. My question is, what is the total time length, as it is now over 7.5 years not having a license and since then, being ruled by a Judge that I am completely disabled; can I simply apply for a Maryland license and past the exams? My license was not permanently revoked for life.
I would suggest contacting the California DMV to find out what they are still requiring from you before you can get...
Hello I just got a PBJ in Prince Georges county for a DWI.I was given 1 year unsupervised probation for 12 months. I dont have a PO officer or anyone to check into. I do have a interlock in my car though from the MVA because I didnt blow, instead of my license being suspended. I recently had a fail on my test because there was some alcohol still in my system the next day. The interlock was not court ordered its from the MVA not the judge. When I enrolled in the program I was notified that I can appeal a violation when it gets downloaded to the MVA and I will. I just wanted to see if this was a violation or not since I was not consuming any alcohol or drinking and driving. I am not under any restrictions as far as I know. Just dont commit any crimes.
An attorney would have to see the Order of Probation to accurately answer your question. Most DUI probations include...
I was arrested after almost hitting a police cruiser after a night of drinking. I was pulled over, I failed the Field Sobriety Test, I was arrested and brought in. I blew a BAC of .2, and I was released at 6am and took a cab home. I am a new resident of the state of Maryland, yet I still have a NJ license. I have never been convicted of a crime before, I have one charge of speeding (in NJ) that was pleaded down to reckless driving which consists of no points, and one charge of not having a valid registration. I have never been in trouble with the law like this before, I am a good person, I was very involved in extracurriculars and jobs and internships in college, and I am held in very high regard by my peers and colleagues.
Before you plead guilty to anything, you want to have your case reviewed by a competent defense attorney. Even if you...
I leave for basic training army active duty on june 12th i was charged with a DUI Per Se on March 17 still havent received my court date and im in a huge hurry to get this done and over with i already hired a lawyer but hes not that much help with moving the process is there anything i could do myself?
If you advance the court date and the court imposes a year in the county detention center, you will not be able to...
Have to contest the allegations of my DUI charges but filed for a DMV Hearing for the 30 day temp license. Also, I have an intestinal yeast infection and took some pills before the drink and incident. Honestly,I suspect the intestinal yeast infection caused the high reading of my BAC after several attempts of blowing the Breathalyzer. BAC reading above .15. Do I still have a chance to get scheduled for the DMV hearing request? I sent the $125 check with request. First time DUI charge with "contested" BAC of .15. Can I still get my hearing chance for my driver license? Or will the request be turned down? What are the other option to get heard or have license back before the 30 day temp license? Thank you for your clarification.
You will probably be able to have the hearing, the real question is if you will be successful at the hearing. You need...
I am 21 and was charged with DUI per se, Reckless, Negligent, and More Speed Than Reasonable. He did not charge me with DUI or DWI. I drove to 7-11 and when I pulled into the parking space, I hit the breaks to late and the car hit the parking bump. Not extremely hard, but hard enough for someone to notice. There was no damage to the car and the parking bump was still bolted down. A cop saw it and he opened my door and asked me to step out of the vehicle. He gave me the horizontal gaze nystagmus test and the one leg-stand and concluded I was drunk and asked me to take the PBT. I blew a .24. After this he asked for my license and my registration. Eventually he charged me with the charges listed above. However, he did not arrest me. He did NOT take me to the station, d
I practice in Washington State, but I'll do my best to answer your questions about your Maryland case. In Washington,...