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I know I can get a WA state expungement, but how does this affect NCIC checks for professional licenses and or background checks at the Federal level?
Negligent driving 2 is a traffic infraction, not a crime. RCW 46.61.526-527. You can check with the FBI if you want...
The night i was arrested i took a PBT test and a blood test. At the end of the night the officer wrote i refused to take a breathe test but i'm on camera blowing into the PBT. Is this an error on behalf of the officer. What chances do i have of getting my case dismissed.
Many factors determine the resolution of a DUI case. Without knowing the facts of the case, the jurisdiction and the...
running while drunk
It's illegal to be intoxicated in public
running while drunk
It is illegal to be in public while intoxicated.
The cop took my ID and a breathing test, but did not arrest me or give me a ticket on site. Will the ticket be mailed to me and what does this mean?
A citation or summons may be issued. If you are contacted then get a criminal defense lawyer or use the public...
Was arrested while walking to my apartment after just getting home. Cop said I had been doing 5 over. I just got a dui last month but we are currently fighting for it to be dismissed because I had my facial piercings in my mouth. again they sill did not have me take them out before doing the breath test at the station. I blew a .15 this time and had only had a fourloko in the last 3 hours but hadn't drank for 2. Was in the drunk tank for about three hours. Didn't admit to anything and kept quiet the whole time passed the field sobriety tests.
Having 2 DUI charges within a month will raise red flags with the Prosecutor assigned to your cases. Speak with an...
Blew a .214
What type of disposition will be available in your case will depend greatly on the facts of your case. These cases are...