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DUI/DMV question: Can the DMV issue a restricted licence on a Wet and Reckless court finding?
A friend has been offered a Wet and Reckless plea bargain, after being arrested on a DUI charge. But he's been advised the DMV has authority to issue a Restricted License (so he can drive to work) ONLY for DUIs -- and that they CANNOT issue a restricted license if the court orders Wet and Reckless. Is that true? It is counter-intuitive... The court case is in San Rafael, and the DMV hearing is in SF.
It sounds like your friend has a lawyer. Please encourage him to raise these questions with his lawyer.
I need a re-referral for my DUI school. This is the second time I am asking for the paperwork. Will I be in trouble?
I can't show up to court personally because I moved to Southern California. They knew this prior. Will my public defender still help me?
Maybe. Have you called them? Why can't you get his done? It's not that difficult.
How to obtain Blood results before my DUI hearing
Can I obtain my blood results BAC from a blood draw that was taken at the hospital after a minor accident? Can I also obtain my breathalyzer results before the hearing?
I hope you're not considering representing yourself. That's a terrible idea. You need to request "discovery" from the...
If person is convicted of DUI in Placer County but there was absolutely NO alcohol involved, only legally prescribed medications
and state law does not include Placer County in the required use of a breath analyzer, but DMV required one, how can we appeal the requirement?,
The implied consent law applies to EVERY county in CA. It requires a blood or breath test if alcohol is suspected,...
How to obtain blood test results from blood sample that was taken in El Dorado County, California?
Minor accident and was taken to the hospital. Blood was drawn and I was released. How do I find out results of blood for BAC and my breathalyzer test results.
If you are charged your lawyer will get the results.
How do I clear up a 2003 DUI with DMV and Mandatory Actions if the case was closed in court?
DMV is requiring me to re-do (for a 3rd time) a first offender alcohol program in order to lift the suspension from my license. The LA Superior Court closed my case in 2011 (after I took a 2nd alcohol program) and the "file was destroyed". So without a judge to give me a referral to another program, I am not able to be accepted at one. Also, since MAU doesn't accept physical completion documents, I am not able to have the previous alcohol program submit a copy of one. After months of run around, I'm at a loss.
That stinks. If you cannot proof that you completed the school from the place where you took the class back in 2003,...
I have 50/50 custody of my daughter. This past weekend my ex-wife got a DUI. What are your thoughts on petitioning for custody?
A little about her DUI. My daughter was not with her in the car as I have her this weekend. It was for blood alcohol level being over 0.08%. She was bailed out by a friend. This is her second DUI. The last one came 8 years ago. What are your thoughts on petitioning for custody? What would a judge say or think? I thought about doing this if she lost her job and my daughter had to be uprooted from her routine as the only place she would be able to go would be her cousins 30 miles away and it's not a good environment for her. Please advise? Thank you
I'd leave it alone. I'd even go so far as to support your ex in dealing with any stressors. The child has not been...