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My mom got a DWI. Her lawyer is making her transfer her title .
This is my moms first DWI. She is 69 years old and her lawyer told her she can't have a vehicle titled to her . Why can't she have a title to the vehicle inv her name if the cars off the road ?
Ask the lawyer but it may be that the lawyer expects she will be convicted of dui and is trying to avoid her having to...
I had a dwi almost 2 years ago, finished all requirments in may, can a lawyer help me get my license back , dmv dragging feet.
I had a DWI almost 2 years ago, reapplied for my license a year ago, had to pay 250 DRA and took the 10 week driver alcohol education classes in May of this year, the dmv is dragging their feet on releasing my driving privileges, they won't tell me why, can I sue them or can lawyer help me get my license back and my cdl class A as well, I don't know where to go with this and what to do next
It is not obvious why the DMV is dragging their feet on this, but it certainly is worth looking into. Your best bet...
I have a dwai and a dwi in ny over a five year period. In fla i then got a dwi reduced to reckless driving.
Needless to say, i no longer drink. My problem is that a dwai here in ny is a traffic infarction and not a criminal charge. It is the same as a 0.4 breath test or any impairment. Fla dmv is using this dwai and counting it as a first offense. Can they do this? thank you
I am sorry to hear about your situation. You may wish to repost this in the Fl. forum. I wish you the best of luck....
I've had 3 duis. ?
Paid all my fines went through all the classes got my liscence back. My last dui was 19 yrs ago just received a letter saying my liscence was being revoked July 8 2017 can I possibly stop this from happening No duis since 1998 and nothing else on my driving record
The DMV cannot simply revoke your driving privileges. There has to be a conviction for something that triggers the DMV...
DUI: How to End 3 Years TASC sentence earlier?
I have felony DWI and sentenced to 18 month license revocation and 3 Years TASC. I made already 1 Year with good standing. Is it possible to be released earlier?
You should contact Suffolk Tasc directly, ask your caseworker
Im a nj resident charged in catskills ny for dui and Aggravated dui Was released on my own about a year ago On myOwn
About a year ago I was charged with aggravated dui and Dui As I am an out of state resident I was let go I missed my a rainment about a year ago will they extradite me For a Mr. Meaner charge Never received a letter from my home state of a suspension Of my license or a warrant And is there a statue of limitations
There is almost certainly a warrant for your arrest in NY STATE. You need to retain an experienced DWI lawyer in NY...
TThe 25 year look back dmv has if i wait until 2022 will mt arrest in 96 be a factor?
I have 3 dwi convictions 96 99 and 2011 with the 25 yearlook back if I wait until 2022 will the arrest in 1996 be a factor .? Do they lookback 25 years from last arrest date or the 2011 arrest so if I wait until 2022 to apply . Will they consider it two arrest or 3 all together is the 25 year lookback from last arrest date or the date I reapply example if I WAIT UNTIL 2022 TO APPLY WILL I BE ABLE TO DRIVE WITH NO INTERLOCK DEVICE or do theg consider the 25 year lookback from last arrest datr and then 25 years back from last arrest date
I suggest you read the decision in Matter of Allen at: