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Can I sue? I was held for 3 days after refusing a breathalyzer and they were going to extradite me on my fathers warrants.
My friend informed them that those were not my warrants. I was released on my own recognizance. First DUI. They were hiding behind the bar and got me immediately upon leaving for dead tag light. I said I passed their field sobriety test but the officer claimed it wasn't about passing or failing , then I refused the breathalyzer as an illegal search. License suspended for 6 months, 18 months interlock device. Were they wrong to hold me that long? Did my lawyer fail to do her best to defend me because she knew she would not be getting anymore money than what she already had? Isn't this excessive for a First offense?
NO there isn't anyone for you to sue. It's hard to know if you attorney did anything wrong with out reviewing the file...
Anyway to get interlock off early in oklahoma
i had a dui back in 2003/2004 completed all the stuff then in jan 2012 i recieved a second dui and got hit with the erin swezey act. I have completed the year suspension with interlock with no fails or fail to blows on my machine. My question is this, Is there anyway I can get a hearing with dps and get the interlock req. removed or do I have to keep it for 4 more years?background: i have no criminal history and no dps history besides a ticket for no insurance and one for no seat belt all over 10 years ago
These IID requirements are very strict. Nothing is set in stone, but I would doubt that your home state DPS will...
I am in rehab the judge sent me to 5 yr probation 1 yr rehab can i get a 9 month review and try to go to halfway house?
You can have your attorney ask the judge to allow the sentence to be converted to 9 months in residential treatment...
I was recently expunged of a dwi felony
I had a dwi felony 2nd and sub and got a deffered case completed my probation and got a expungment and I live in Texas can I serve on jury duty
If you had a deferred that was successfully completed and the case was dismissed, then you did not receive a conviction....
Missouri DUI Laws vs Oklahoma DUI Laws
OK has a APC (Actual Physical Control) law, Missouri does not. Can MO up the charge to a Driving while intoxicated and suspend my license? License from MO, charge picked up in OK. I was not driving at the time of arrest
You need to move this question from OK to MO.
I got a DUI and blew .20
I'm 18 first offense not even a ticket before this it's filed in OKC okcpd was the arresting officals and I was wondering if there is anyway I can either get the probation and or interlock dropped or reduced I.e. Deal with the DA I need to figure out the best thing to do so that I do not get discharged
If you do not already have counsel, that is step 1. Get that done ASAP.
How can I get a DUI felony expunged or pardoned to own a gun in Oklahoma?
The DUI was in 2000 and I'm just looking for some way to own a gun. I was also wondering if I could own a Bow and get a hunting license for Bow Hunting?
You need to consult with an attorney that handles expungements to figure out whether you're eligible. It is likely an...