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  • Even an Ozarks coroner gets surplus military guns

    Wednesday Oct 8 | via News Tribune 

    Kim Clark, senior investigator for the Wyoming Livestock Board, gets his horse ready to load onto a trailer with his Colt .45 semi-automatic pistol strapped to his side Oct. 2 at his home in Cokeville, Wyo. Clark's law enforcement unit, which investigates cattle thefts and other industry related crimes, was given seven .45-caliber handguns from a military surplus program roughly three years ago.


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I was stopped for apparently running a stop sign that I still can't find. No lights on the patrol car were on to pull me over. I parked my truck and was walking in to my motel room when I was asked to come to the officer parked behind me. He was very obviously being trained and I was the guinea pig which he later admitted. The entire stop was unprofessional. My "heel to toe" test was done on a slope of a hill which when the officer demonstrated he stumbled as well in front of his camera. Had me blow in the breathalyzer 4 times, which I had chewing tobacco in for all of them. He never asked me to clear my mouth or if I had anything in it. I made sure when he said they were taking me to jail and asked to spit my chew out in front of his car. Did not read me my rights. Then searched my truck.
Sounds like you have many issues that you should inform your attorney about and quit putting things in a public forum...
The arresting officer did not read me the Miranda rights.
Can you be arrested? Obviously, yes. You have been. You are not alone in your confusion about the widely...
would they extradite me from other states I think not
That may depend on how far they have to come get you. It is a relatively small amount of money and the expense would...
I would like to be proactive if that is possible. Would entering into an alcohol program prior to my court hearing have any effect on my case?
Your first step should be to consult with a local defense attorney about your case and potential defenses. If you...
can they still charge me with felony
Yes. You need a criminal defense attorney. If you can't afford one themask for a public defender.
will i have to serve the remaining time on the deferred sentence in jail along with more time for the new charge? or will they run seperate and i have to spend time both in wyoming and oklahoma
You need to contact the attorney that represented you in Oklahoma and inform him/her of your most recent arrest in...
My husband has 3 DUIs in the last 3 years. One in ND and is currently on probation from his 2nd in Wyoming. He went to court ordered rehab and is still going. He was doing good not drinking. Last night he went to a wedding, and apparently drank, because I had a message on my phone at 1:30 this morning saying that he was going to jail. I called the jail and they said he is being charged with DUI, Driving without the interlock system(which we were arranging to have put in next week because we didn't have the money before) and driving 3 miles over the speed limit. All misdemeaners. She didn't mention probation violation or driving under a suspended license. Can they add these charges on later? And how can a lawyer help? I lost my job due to illness and I'm scared.
He will get a very harsh sentence, in my opinion. I think he needs to go into a 90 day in-patient program to show the...