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I have a CA license. Received level l DWI. Will my license be valid after 30 day suspension and all other MN requirements met?
I pleaded guilty and have met all the probation requirements. I will not be returning to CA for 3 months.
No. Your right to drive in MN will require MN requirements, CA will suspend your CA license. What you need to do is...
Can I get my DWI dismissed for multiple irregularities during the situation?
When I was stopped, I did a field sobriety test and a breathalyzer. I blew a .14 I believe is what the officer said, then he told me I was under arrest and didn't read me my rights from what I remember. Took me to the station where I was processed 20 minutes later and was breathalyzed again where I blew a .11 in a breathalyzer they kept in a drawer. Then they took me to a different breathalyzer and I blew a .09 and then was read my rights. That being 4 hours later I blew into the same device and it was .05 then another 4 hours later .05 again. They switched the device and I blew immediately after that and it was all zeros. My vehicle information and the time of my citation was all wrong too on the ticket itself. I have a clean driving record with no tickets or incidents, they gave me 4th degree misdemeanor DWI. Is this something I could fight and possibly win? They were all nice officers and I support them 100% but this was all very sloppy it seemed like, I personally do not believe I was over the limit especially with the results of the equipment either dropping fast or not changing and the lack of correct info on the citation.
Maybe. You'll want to have an experienced criminal defense lawyer take a look at all of the reports and evidence. Only...
I had a test fail with my ignition interlock. I called the installer & he informed me to stick with until I pass.
I had a test fail with my ignition interlock. I called the installer right away & had a 5-10 minute conversation about what was happening he informed me to stick with it until I passed. After our phone conversation I brushed my teeth & rinsed my mouth! Went back to my car & which about 10 or so minutes had lapsed. The device said test canceled. I turned off the ignition & then back on. I Then passed. I haven't drank for nearly 2 years. I'm wondering what the potential consequences could be & what I should do going forward?
We have seen this issue over and over again with False positives. It is likely the DPS will send you a letter in the...
I had a test fail on an ingnition interlock. I then called the installer he informed to keep testing until I passed.
I went back to my car the time had lapsed & the device said test canceled. In that time Maybe 10 minutes had passed. I turned off the ignition then turned it back on & passed. What are going to be the consequences as far as my driving privileges go? Should I contact DMV about a false positive test?
Generally a failed Interlock device test means that the result will be recorded and MN DVS notified.
I had a positive field test in a small vial
Was pull over I had a small vial that they tested positive for meth, went to and and my attorney wanted to have it tested again I'm sure there is not even enough to test !! So if they test and it comes back negative is that dismissed form my case ?
Not necessarily. Please direct your concerns to your lawyer as he or she will be in the best position to provide...
What happens when you have had to sign a forfeiture of vehicle driving while impaired paper.
My husband was driving with no license it's revoked. I was in the car and we had felony warrants did that mean I lost my driving privileges. He was charged with 5th possion and I got charged with the same thing.
It sounds like the government intends to forfeit (keep) your vehicle. That is not the end of the story though. You and...
In minnesota I recieved a dwi few years ago and got dropped to careless driving. However I was never informed about implied cons
Felony dwi in MN. unfair 4dwi's on civil record but only 3 on criminal.
It is theoretically possible to challenge that implied consent revocation now. The government would have to show that...