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Got a dui in kansas license was restricted for two year i didnt get an interlock device i waited out the restriction period.
should i be able to get my license back
Yes, you could have gotten your license back two years ago. Call DMV and see what you need to do to reinstate.
I have to get a blow machine in my car for 4 years for having multiable dwi is there any way i can get this reduced.
The dwi are in kansas. I have not touched acholal in 5 or six years. So if there is a way to get the 4 years reduced or not even get it at all. I can talk to a judge if i have to.
I am not licensed in Kansas, but this sounds like a good question to ask an experienced DUI attorney in Kansas. In...
I just received a dui in independence, Kansas but wasnt read my rights when arrested.
I received a D.U.I and the arresting officer didn't read me my rights when i was put in handcuffs. I also did a field tests and a breathalyzer when i was in the station. Will this hold up in court? I also asked them at 4 separate times if i was under arrest to 3 different officers which all said yes each time. Any help is very appreciated.
You may well be able to suppress some or all of the statements you made. This does not mean the case will have to be...
Kansas Out of state DUI
I was in a motorcycle wreck in 2012 while visiting my mom in Kansas and was taken to the hospital. I was never arrested. I have lived in Mississippi for 20 years now. I did live in Kansas as a child. I just went to have my MS license renewed and was told that Kansas had a block on it and gave me a number to call. The lady at the Kansas DVM said I had been convicted of DUI due to a blood alcohol test done in the hospital. She told me I needed to write a letter stating that I was no longer a resident of Kansas and list my name, ss# address etc along with a money order or check for $25. She said I would then receive a letter of instructions to follow. Is there anything I can do?
I am not licensed to practice law in Kansas, so out of respect for any experienced attorney licensed in Kansas who...
I got pulled over charged w/dui/refusal of sobriety test, went to jail, got out, I never went to court
I never went to court, that was in 2010, in the state of Mississippi, iam in junction city Kansas now
Well, that's nice. Now the Mississippi folks know where to find you.... Look, first anything that you post on Avvo (...
Should i tell my lawyer i will fail drug test for court tomorrow
I was charged with a dui and felony for posession of narcotics. Bench trial was not scheduled for another month but my attorney just called me saying they are offering a misdameanor but have to be in court in morning. i will fail drug test. should i tell him? can he reschedule it?
You should definitely tell your attorney!! We hate to be the last ones to know everything. Your attorney may be able...
It's been 3 months since I got arrested for my second DWI, and I still haven't been charged with anything.
On April 10, 2015 I was driving drunk and hit a parked car. I refused the breathalyzer so they got a warrant to obtain my blood. I know there is no way at the time that they took my blood that I was under the legal limit. However, I still haven't been charged. My lawyer says he has witnessed instances where it takes this long for the blood results to come back from the KBI, but on rare occasions. I'm wanting to get some more opinions on what the odds are of me still getting charged. Has anyone had experience with it taking longer than this? This is my second DWI (the first one was a DUI if that matters). The other charges i'm facing include: Reckless driving, transporting open container, child endangerment, and refusal of breathalyzer test. Thank you in advance!
Yes. it can take that long. Listen to your lawyer. If you don't want to listen to him, why did you hire him? There...