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Got a dui in kansas license was restricted for two year i didnt get an interlock device i waited out the restriction period.
should i be able to get my license back
Yes, you could have gotten your license back two years ago. Call DMV and see what you need to do to reinstate.
I have to get a blow machine in my car for 4 years for having multiable dwi is there any way i can get this reduced.
The dwi are in kansas. I have not touched acholal in 5 or six years. So if there is a way to get the 4 years reduced or not even get it at all. I can talk to a judge if i have to.
I am not licensed in Kansas, but this sounds like a good question to ask an experienced DUI attorney in Kansas. In...
I just received a dui in independence, Kansas but wasnt read my rights when arrested.
I received a D.U.I and the arresting officer didn't read me my rights when i was put in handcuffs. I also did a field tests and a breathalyzer when i was in the station. Will this hold up in court? I also asked them at 4 separate times if i was under arrest to 3 different officers which all said yes each time. Any help is very appreciated.
You may well be able to suppress some or all of the statements you made. This does not mean the case will have to be...
I am on probation for a DUI and recently got a driving on suspended 1st time. Am I facing immediate jail time?
I am almost finished with my probation. I only need to pay $1000 dollars and I'm finished. I have court July 22nd to follow up with the judge. I also got in a wreck and didn't stop to give information. My fiance was having a panic attack and needed her meds. The guy I hit followed me home. I am going through an eviction process with my fiance and we have a 9 month old son with us. I cannot leave them behind and do the 12 month underling sentence.
I don't know about KS but you would 100% guaranteed be facing 364 days in jail in FL for DWLS and an additional 364 for...
First Offense DUI, can I apply for a diversion before second court appearance?
I was arrested for a first offense OUI, I was passed out at a stop sign for 2 hours the police said. My breathe test was .141, I've already gone to my first court date and plead not guilty. I applied for a PD, but wasn't approved. I can't afford an attorney, and my next court date is in a couple weeks. Can I apply for the diversion program before my second court appearance? Or do I do it on my second court appearance? I am really confused with this whole process, and really need help but don't have the money for a DUI attorney.
Many attorneys offer free consultations.
I had an out of state dui 3 yrs ago. I held a kansas license at the time. I am now told I have a large fine and interlock
My dui was in Pennsylvania, I held a Kansas license. I currently have a valid South Carolina license. I just moved back to Kansas and am being told I have to do all this and I've never been contacted by the state or sent any letters, etc. I just want to know if there is any way of fighting this? I did my suspension and l paid my dues for this almost three years ago.
I am not licensed in Kansas, so out of respect for any answer offered by an experienced attorney licensed in KS who...
DUI in Kansas. Before license was suspended, he got license in another state. Now in a 3rd state and license needs renewed.
my son was convicted of driving under the influence in Kansas. Before his license was suspended and he was convicted, he surrendered it and got a license in another state where he was moving for school. He is now residing in a third state and his license is up for renewal on his birthday this year. Will he be able to get a valid license in the new state without having to get the interlock device ordered with conviction in Kansas?
Under the interstate agreement about licensing, your son should have to comply with any restrictions or requirements...