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Public drunk convicted on alias name
11 years ago my friend was arrested For public drunk he got scared because he had outstanding traffic ticket so he gave to PD alias name he went to court he was ordered to pay 420 he move out of state and didn't pay the fine what would happen if he pay the fine the will he get charged whit new crime if he tell his real name the traffic ticket is 12 years old
If he gave an "alias name" and he pays the ticket under his "alias name," I do not see the problem. If he gave a fake...
Company Wide Drug Test
Have no problem with drug testing or Random in your work place but, after you pass the first one, and the lady says your good you can go......but the Dr. or GPN says no, you have to urinate again due to not enough Urine....... So you wait, then when you go to do this again he ask you to put your back to the wall so he can stand and watch you, IS THIS Legal? I Refused due to No way I can go with someone that close and watching. So went to another county and their lab and passed and sent to my office, lost my job due to refusing to allow that who ever to see my business.................said they don't except another third party drug test though I paid the 80.00 to have it done....
Alabama has a drug-free workplace program regulating drug testing. Employers who establish such a program, as certified...
I got a dui ticket and wasn't arrested will it violate my probation.
I am on probation in my county for malicious mischief and assault on a police officer, but I don't have to report for six months. Ten days before my court date to dismiss charges I was in a wreck and was issued a dui and I postponed my court due to my injury is there anyway they won't know about the ticket on my court date to let me off probation? I don't even have a probation officer.
If it comes to their attention, yes it can foul up your probation.
I have a no-contest DUI from 08/14 in Pensacola, FL - AL DL suspended - What do I do?
AL tells me FL must clear me from the National Registry of suspended drivers license. FL tells me I must go to an approved DUI Program/School. Neither will tell me where I can do this in AL (or in FL for that matter). I have been to the local AL office... no help. I have called, and emailed the FL authority - no help, and no response. My FL probation officer will not help either. He knows nothing, and will not lift a finger to find out what I need to do to clear the suspension. What do I do now?
This is not an uncommon situation. Have your attorney or hire one to get the judge in P-cola to authorize you to take...
I am on probation in Alabama for DUI, and have my license suspended.
I am on probation in Alabama for DUI, and have my license suspended. If i leave to Florida without telling the probation officer, and get another DUI charge with a suspended license charge this time. What charges am i looking at when i return to Alabama
Probation revocation. The new crimes would be prosecuted where they happened, but your probation in Alabama would be...
I have 2 charges pending, DUI and LSA. I am a 1st time offender and have a clean driving record for 15 yrs. What are my options?
I wasn't read any rights, but I wasn't questioned either. There was an accident, but with no injuries. I did contact the police shortly after and have records of that. I left due to fear of the other driver's demeanor. I blew over .15 BAC at the station. I only had my eyes checked on the field test. I was compliant in all ways and didn't feel or act intoxicated. I am unsure if a deferred adjudication, pretrial diversion, or deferred prosecution is best. I have a squeaky clean record and I'm a first time offender in every possible way. My job depends on me having a clean record and no convictions. Thank you
Your best course of action is to seek the professional services of a qualified criminal defense attorney to assist you....
I was recently arrested on a DUI charge in Alabama. I was arrested on a DUI charge almost 2 years ago that was dismissed. Advice
First charge got dismissed. Wondering how to go about this charge. Will it be listed as a second offense? What should I do? Also am I supposed to be given a ticket upon arrest?
It will not count as a second DUI which is good because you'd be looking at a minimum sentence of 5 days in jail...