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1st DUI in 2009.Arrested June after 'anonymous' call. I had not been drinking. I refused testing. Offered plea for reckless????
Is this a good plea even though I had not even been drinking. Should I just take to trial. I am scared over the penalties imposed for 2nd second conviction within 5 years.
Trial is always risky. This is your decision, and none of us have seen the evidence against you. Talk to your lawyer.
DUI on another County
I received a DUI in Hernando Co. But living in Brevard. Can I complete all required classes ,evaluations and probation in the County I live since there is a 3 hour trip from each other, and I cannot drive.
The answer is almost certainly "Yes". BEFORE (caps intentional) you are placed on probation make sure that the...
Can I get a hardship if I owe Misdemeanor fines that also have went to collections?
I have no DUI just a few unpaid tickets. Nothing else major.
Most likely you will not be able to get any type of license until all tickets are paid. Consult with a lawyer to be sure.
Charged with DUI, Careless Driving and Hit & Run (leaving the scene)
Refused to blow, hit a construction barrel and only damage was to my vehicle. Prosecutor is offer to drop all charges except DUI if I plead guilty. If not he is saying possible jail time. I do not have any traffic citations in over 12 years. However, the last one was DUI reduced to wet reckless. Any advice?
The plea offer itself isn't unreasonable, but without knowing the strengths and weaknesses, the potential defenses...
Can I appeal a 2005 conviction on a DUI when I know they broke the law in court ?
I didn't know why I was in court . Just saw it on the court site and went . Presumed lawyer came to me with folded papers that said 60 months in top right corner that he was pointing to . I said thats 5 years for what ? No answer he walked away . Came back with 60 days . I don't know why but I said OK . Then all of a sudden the pros . attn . starts telling the judge she wants this and that and he allowed it . Thats when I knew I was just railed for a DUI from the things she wanted from the judge . Now my life is seeming over since I got laid off my job 2 blocks away and exhausted unemployment and can't drive to find work or relocate for work . I know they did wrong , sent for transcript and it sounds nothing like what happened . There must be a tape , am afraid to ask for it as it may be tainted also . HELP
Probably too late but if newly discovered evidence comes out you may be able to appeal if that new evidence would have...
Stranger yells at cop w/dui suspect "good thing you caught him, he drives like a maniac Is the statement admissable in FL court
The driver did get the dui and at the trial the prosecution wants to intoduce the statement of the stranger as evidence Is the statement admissable in a florida court ?
It may be under a hearsay exception.
I was charged with a DUI that was reduced to a reckless over 20+ years ago.. I recently was arrested for DUI, is this my 2nd
In my DUI charge 20+ years ago I was never arrested. I was only 19 or 20 years old and did not really understand what was going on. A Public Defender took my case and said I should plea for reckless so I did. A few days ago I was arrested for DUI, I did not do a breathalyzer test. Is it possible to get this one also reduced and what type of sentencing are we possibly looking at. I am now 44 years old married with 3 children not that it matters but at a different point in my life. How does it work is this my second offense to DUI? What could be the ramifications of this. Jail time? I don't want to lose my job and ability to provide for my family.
You would be best served by getting a good criminal defense attorney who regularly handles DUI cases. There are many...