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I have a MD license and was convicted of DUI reduced to reckless driving in VA. Would my PO ever call me to urine test me?
I was convicted of DUI reduced to reckless driving in Fairfax, VA, and I am a resident of MD. I was just wondering if POs bringing in to test people, who live out of state are common (an hour drive to Fairfax from where I live). How likely is that she is going to call me? Does completing ASAP mean there won't be random testing? Also, am I even allow to travel to different states (my license was suspended only in VA), or do I have to stay near Fairfax in case she decides to randomly test me?
You would need to ask your attorney. If you were not represented, you would need to consult with an attorney in...
Should I take the blame for a DWI when I really wasn't driving the car?
I was in the car with a friend, it was a rental in my name, but she was driving. We got into an accident and I told the police officer that I was driving because I was the only registered driver for the rental. I broke my arm went to the hospital and eventually was written up for a DWI. Since I already told the police officer I was driving and was written up the ticket, should I go to court and lie? Help I don't know what to do.
First, ethically, I must advise you I am not licensed to practice in Maryland; and I do not practice in Maryland....
Can anything be done about a PBJ in regards to a DUI in Maryland.
Roughly ten years ago, I received a DUI in the state of Maryland. I received a PBJ after agreeing to attend a drug/alcohol educational program. Ten years later, it is still affecting my life. I know the charge is not eligible for expungement, but I was curious as to if there is anything that can be done to potentially reduce the charge, in hopes of being able to expunge it. Any information provided would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all.
Sorry to advise but you cannot expunge a DUI conviction even if it was removed through a PBJ disposition.
Will my Maryland license be suspended after being charged with a DWAI in New York?
I had a BAC of 0.09 which is technically a DUI in New York but being my first offense, I was able to get the charged reduced to a DWAI (Driving While Ability Impaired) - technically a traffic offense and not a criminal conviction. I had legal representation in New York. My driving privileges were suspended for 90 days in NY and I attended 7 weeks of alcohol education classes, a victim impact session, and paid the fines. I was able to take the classes because I attend college in NY (I'm 21 years old). My privileges were restored. So far, it looks like the Interstate Drivers License Compact has not contacted Maryland, although it has only been a couple of months since the restoration. I don't see any reference on my MD driving record (0 points still) and I was able to renew my license with no problems. Is is likely that Maryland will fine me and suspend my license too once notified by the DLC? Will it be regarded as a DWI in Maryland, and if so, will my traffic offense be upgraded to a criminal conviction (rather than a traffic offense as in NY)?
Yes, the MVA will attempt to suspend your license here. The conviction is akin to driving while impaired here in...
Paying 3 Fees, 1 is the Maryland Baltimore County Monthly supervision Fee 50$, and a 55$ Month Fee for DDMP, and 1$ Month fee...
Paying 3 Fees, 1 is the Maryland Baltimore County Monthly supervision Fee 50$, and a 55$ Month Fee for DDMP, and 1$ Month fee... For Alcohol Testing fee. Totaling up to $1,272.00. My license got Taken for 4 Months in witch i get back July 15th, I have finished my 26 Hours/13 Weeks of Drug and Alcohol Class's in witch was 76$ Per Week with 20$ for each of the 2 Random Drug screens i administered with Negative Results. My Q. Is why am i paying for Drinking Driver Monitor Program Fee's if in witch i do not have a Alcohol Monitoring device in my Car, And only see my Probation officer Once every 1 And 1/2 Months [ About } or once every 2 Months. And do not get tested at all from my Probation and Parole Office. Shouldn't i Just be paying The Monthly Supervision Fee of $50 A Month, I care less about the 1$ a month that only totals to 12$ for the year but that is also in Q. Any Information of why i am paying these Extra Fee's
When you are on probation for a DUI, you must pay the supervision fee (for being on supervised probation) and a...
My truck was hit by a drunk driver in the middle of the night the driver did not stop can I sue him for I inconvenience?
My truck was parked in front of my house and in the middle of the night a drunk driver hit the driver's side and took off the police found him but did not arrest him and his vehicle was registered to his parents can I sue him for inconvenience? I have to take my husband to work and I have to go to work then pick up my husband. What can we do? What is the law?
You can sue the at fault driver for property damage, repairs, loss of use, rental car during repairs, and diminished...
Incompletion of program can i get an exstention ,to complete my class and to find a class closer to my house since i lost ,my jo
can i get a drug class exstention if i haven't been in a month due to me losing my job, and my vehicle, and can i transfer to a DUI class thats closer to where i live
It sounds as though you are talking about a drug class that has been Ordered by the Court. You should certainly try to...