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Since I'm under 21, there any point in trying to get my DUI lowered to reckless driving?
This an addition/ adaptation to a question I posted earlier about my DUI case. I was arrested for DUI after being in a traffic accident, So since I'm under 21 is there any point in me trying to get it lowered to reckless driving. Wont I still lose my license or will I just get points taken off? Other than the license issues what are some other pros and coins of getting the charge lowered to reckless? As in probation, fines, community service, etc..
A conviction / plea to reckless driving means mandatory license suspension for anyone under 21. Actually, any offense...
Can I possibly get my DUI, driving while revoked and following to closely charges lowered to Reckless driving?
I was recently arrested for DUI, driving while suspended/revoked, and following to closely after being in a traffic accident. I refused all test so was automaticaly booked for DUI. At the time of the arrest I thought my license was completly valid. I had it suspended/revoked for FTA in Late Nov./Early Dec. 2014 So I then waited the obligated time for reinstatement, and paid for my license to be renewed. I did not know I also needed to call the court/courthouse and get them to dismiss the FTA on top of that, So I thought my license was renewed/valid. I Have proof from GA DDS of waiting the obligated time and payment of the license reinstatement.
Perhaps. You need to hire someone to assist you ASAP. You have ten days form the date of arrest to submit your...
DUI charge without implied consent, breathalyzer, or field sobriety tests
My husband was pulled over after an officer attempted to pass him. The officer stated my husband almost hit his patrol car as he passed him. My husband was asked to exit the vehicle. He was given only the eye test. The standing/walking test was not given. The officer arrested him stating he failed the eye test and had blood shot eyes. He never read the implied consent, Miranda, and was never offered any breathalyzer or chemical tests. Can we independently request a dismissal in his case based on these facts?
You will be better off to immediately hire an attorney. Many of us on Avvo give free consults. If what you say is...
Settlement for dui accident ( punitive damage) in Georgia
I was involved in a rear ended collision by a drunk driver. A cop saw everything and the dui driver was taken to jail. They also gave him 6 citation which are dui, too fast for condition, reckless driving,failure to maitain lane, and following too close. they gave me nothing. I was treated for soft tissue injury. My medical bills were only $2000 because I took treatment at my school which is free for student. I got an offer today for $2000, I replied by saying I will give you 1 week If you guys don't accept my amount which was $15000 I will put a lawyer and take you to court. Did I say something illegal? and how much is my case worth?
You will never know what you case is worth if you do not get an attorney involved in your case. The insurance company...
I am very curious about a plea deal i am about to take in DUI case
Plea deal i am getting is DUI less safe, and i want to know what will be the impact of it on my immigration status, as i will be travelling to get my visa extension stamped later this year.
This is actually an immigration question. It probably will not affect your immigration status, but you should have a...
What will happend if i violated my probation with a dui
Quick question what will happen if i violated my felony probation for the first time for a dui probation was originally in cartersville but had it moved to rome since i live in rome. Have to go see my po thursday morning and have court for the dui june 9th
It could be as simple as nothing will happen or you could be revoked in full. It really just depends on several factors...
Will I lose my cdls for receiving a dui? Its my first ever and I blew a .131. Can u get the charge reduced or dismissed?
Leaving a party I was pulled over for one of my break lights being out. When the officer came he smelled alcohol on my breath..he did a test and arrested me. I am a truck driver with no points on my record, this is how u make my living and I do not know what to do if u loose my license. Should I obtain a lawyer or plea no contest or nolo?
You absolutely need a lawyer if you want a chance at beating this or getting the charge reduced. And pleading nolo...