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I got a DUI reduced to reckless. Sentenced to 5 days in jail. Already have 15 hours. Does cobb county jail do 2 for 1 on 5 days?
Own a business. Going in for Memorial Day weekend. Kinda looking rough amount of time I'll be serving.
Yes. You will get credit for your 15 hours, and then 2 for 1 for the remaining balance. Cobb used to only do 2 for 1...
Third dui and suspended licence will I go to jail
What will happen
There are stiff mandatory minimum jail sentences in Georgia for repeat DUI offenders if you are indeed convicted. Plus...
What will happen If I can't complete the Defensive Driving Course the judge told me to take within the 120 days I had.
I was arrested for D.U.I. in Feb. and was in court on April 12 where it was reduced to a reckless driving and I lost my licence for 6 months. I was also told that within 120 days I needed to complete the Defensive Driving Course. I haven't managed to be able to come up with the money yet and I only have 19 more days. I'm pretty scared about it because I have never been in any trouble other than this and the people I am working with aren't able to find work.
If you are on probation, talk to your probation officer; however, I strongly suggest you talk to family or friends to...
Could I get sued for drunk driving
I crashed my car into a house about 6 months ago into someone's house my insuarance has paid about 29,000 for there hotel and damages and they have about 20,000 left to settle for is there a possibility the people will not settle and want more in court, nobody was injured they say they weren't living life to the fullest in a hotel? I have also spent my time in jail and am still doing classes and paying off my mistake
Read the answers you received for the same question posted just an hour ago.
I got charged with DUI while on probation, what am I looking at in court?
I am on probation for assault. I had 4 years and have currently served 2 years with no trouble until recently. I received a DUI. I have 12 citations. I was drinking/ driving and tried to elude police ended up resulting in a head on collision (no one was hurt). My other charges are no seat belt, failure to maintain lane, reckless driving, open container, dui, being a minor, trying to elude police. What am I looking at in court? I am 20 years old. This is my first DUI.
You're in a bad spot kid. Jail is absolutely on the table with those facts. You're facing a DUI charge and a...
Can the court change DUI medication to DUI alcohol,no positive test and no drug or alcohol present.
Officer was 22 at the time.does not know the differance between bendzoids and mild muscel relaxers.Public deffender,for almost 3 years he led me to belive he would have it dissmiss for unlawful stop at the same time do i maintain my innocence
Not a clear question to answer here. Also not nearly enough information . As you are represented, these are questions...
What are my chances to beat my dui if it goes to trial?
So in Late October of 2016 I was arrested for a DUI, failure to maintain lane, and a MIC . I refused to blow roadside when the cop pulled me over and blew at the station, where a blew a .016. After speaking with the prosecution about possibly reducing my dui to a reckless they said no to that plea deal. So I'm considering taking this to trial. Might I remind you that thier was no accident prior to the arrest and I turn 21 in early march. I was just wondering what are my chances that I could beat my dui case if I decide to take it to trial?
Was it 0.016 or 0.16? Are you representing yourself? It sounds like it. If so, that is a terrible idea.