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I got a DUI reduced to reckless. Sentenced to 5 days in jail. Already have 15 hours. Does cobb county jail do 2 for 1 on 5 days?
Own a business. Going in for Memorial Day weekend. Kinda looking rough amount of time I'll be serving.
Yes. You will get credit for your 15 hours, and then 2 for 1 for the remaining balance. Cobb used to only do 2 for 1...
Third dui and suspended licence will I go to jail
What will happen
There are stiff mandatory minimum jail sentences in Georgia for repeat DUI offenders if you are indeed convicted. Plus...
What is the likelyhood that my DUI case will be thrown out?
I took all test and blew .08. The cop said I didn't have a tag light was the reason he pulled me over even though I did have one. And he said that I didn't come to a complete stop at a stop sign (which I did) on a street that we were never on. I have the two people that were in the car who would testify if need be.
Sounds like a pretty defendable case. There's a few great DUI lawyers down that way: Chris Ambrose in Thomasville and...
What will happen If I can't complete the Defensive Driving Course the judge told me to take within the 120 days I had.
I was arrested for D.U.I. in Feb. and was in court on April 12 where it was reduced to a reckless driving and I lost my licence for 6 months. I was also told that within 120 days I needed to complete the Defensive Driving Course. I haven't managed to be able to come up with the money yet and I only have 19 more days. I'm pretty scared about it because I have never been in any trouble other than this and the people I am working with aren't able to find work.
If you are on probation, talk to your probation officer; however, I strongly suggest you talk to family or friends to...
What impact will dui in georgia have on my florida licence?
i received a dui in georgia on a georgia licence. i have paid all the fees, completed all the requirements, including restricted licence and am getting my regular ga licence. i am on non reporting probation for 5 more months. i want to move back to florida and want to know what impact it will have on my florida licence?
You should repost this question in a forum where Florida lawyers can see it and respond.
Do I need to wait out NC's 1 year DWI suspension to get my license back? or do I only have to complete GA's 120 day suspension?
Georgia resident with a DWI conviction in NC. NC DWI conviction requires a mandatory 1 year suspension. However, I have a GA license and I think I would qualify for GA's 120 day reinstatement provided I complete the necessary requirements for reinstatement.
I've always said that it doesn't hurt to try.
How long can you be made to wait to go to court for a DUI?
For a misdemeanor criminal charge of DUI In Georgia. From the date of arrest until the court date for trial, is there a time limit of any type. When exactly does prosecution start? From arrest or arraignment? More specifically it took 2yrs and 2 months to go to court for a DUI and the disposition and date on file is not the actual date that I went to court but says 6 months earlier.
Your question will be dictated by Georgia law. If this were in Florida, I could tell you that a misdemeanor DUI was a...