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Will i get arrested
I got pulled over by cops and they gave me a breath alizer to breathe in to see if i was intoxicated but i was on pain medication at the time so they didnt charge me but to me to the hospital than i was released from the hospital 3 hours later but i didn't sign no paperwork from the officers now a week later i get a letter in the mail telling me i got to come get fingerprinted by a certain date will i be arrested are they allow to do that charge me a week later
In Pennsylvania they can send this kind of paperwork a few days after the initial police contact. What that really...
Will previous dui count
Will a previous dui in 2003 come into play during sentencing for a new dui charge in 2015 in Pennsylvania?
The answer is yes, it would come in to play. Not, however, in the way you think. Your DUI would count as your first...
What happens if someone in PA has a DUI and then gets an out of state license from Georgia?
How does one go about reporting this and additionally what are the charges? This happened a few years ago.
This is not an advisable idea. Driving under a suspended license in Pennsylvania carries a mandatory minimum sentence...
How do I get a D3 charge remove off of a D3/DUI charge when the d3 charge is Prozac (have script) and BAC was .088? I'm .008 ove
The pullover was intension by cop. Long story short, cop was looking for passenger but had tow truck waiting and lic plate #. I have no record not even a speeding ticket. It's will be a yr on 10/19. Blood report showed that I have Prozac in my system and headache med called Firocet. I'm being charged a d3 for those meds. BAC was .088. Barely over the pa limit. I need help my public defender hasn't done anything. There are no offers made on my case. They are pushing ARD c
Sounds like you should hire an attorney who will assert your defense.
On probation for a DUI in pa. If I leave and go to Florida will I be extradited back to pa if stopped In Florida?
Have to go to Florida to live in a sober house for six months.
You need to get permission from your PO to go and you may have to compact to FL probation if they choose to continue...
Chester county highest BAC and ard program?
I hit a telephone pole while drinking and driving, I did not leave the scene and was very compliant with the trooper but I do have the feeling I will be in the third tier for BAC, the trooper mentioned he will recommend me for ARD. I was the only person in the car and was not injured what are the chances of denial into the program?
Consistent with the Trooper's remarks, I would expect that you would be offered ARD, but I strongly recommend that you...
One of my neighbors tried to break into my home and was caught intoxicated trying to smash my back patio door.
He is trying to use the excuse he was drunk and he thought it was his home. Oh he was also caught naked and resisted arrest etc...Can he get away with it? I am worried that he will try and use the intoxication as an excuse and return and try and do something more severe now that he got caught
As you are the alleged victim, you should really be speaking to the DA as opposed to private defense attorneys...