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I was ticketed in Park City for selling alcohol to a minor, Would a DUI in the state of Arizona effect any outcome of this case?
I live in Scottsdale, AZ i was sent to Park City to help a hotel proeprty out for 6 weeks. I was working one evening and i did not ID the two buying alcohol because it was very busy in the lobby. I leave to go back to Scottsdale, AZ in about 8 days. I am hoping that i can get this ticket taken care of before i head back t Arizona so i do not have to fly back to UT. Do they people to do plea in abeyance for this type of case? I was convited of a DUI in the state of Arizona in March 2013 would this effect the outcome of this case at all or tryin gto do a plea in abeyance?
The best thing you can do is immediately contact a criminal defense attorney here in Utah. But to answer your question,...
I got my first and only DUI ten years ago. I paid all fines etc. Just found out there is now a warrent out for my arrest.
I was told that I didnt pay an extra $225 and that is why the warrent was issued. I paid all known fines and attended the classes as well as having my drivers license reinstated. I have moved only once (not out of state.) They said they tried to contact me once in 2007 and that I was responsibility to update them as to my move. But I thought it had all been taken care of long before I moved. Does this seem legal.
Should be an easy fix. Sounds like the prosecutor or judge filed an "Order to Show Cause" when they found out you had...
Trying to get restricted license in Utah with suspension in California?
Received second dui in California on April 7 2012. License suspended by California dmv for three years but am able to get restricted license with ignition interlock device on april 10 2013. Unfortunately I live in utah now and the dmv here says that I cannot get a license even a restricted until the full three is up. Anything I can do?
Unfortunately, the Utah DMV answered the question correctly. Utah does not offer a restricted license for individuals...
I have misdemeanor DUI from August 2010. I have completed all requirements. Will I be able to travel to the Bahamas?
I have paid all my fines & have my license back. I called the county I received the DUI in & they told me I had fulfilled all my obligations..
If you have fulfilled all of your obligations to the court, then it is unlikely that the court will restrict you from...
Can a criminal defense attorney read a police report and offer advice before he has been retained?
I was charged with a with a class b misdemeanor. I contacted a local attorney and then emailed a copy of the police report to him. In the email I said it looked pretty bad, but asked if he could take a look at it and give me his opinion. Five days later, he said, "You should fight this". I then called him that day and he again read the report while I was on the phone with him. Again, he said, "You should fight this". "I don't see a case." But recently, he adamantly denied that he read it, saying he is not allowed to read it until he had been retained. Is it legal for him to have read this report and offered his professional opinion before he was retained?
Lawyers can give their opinion regarding a case. However, if you haven't retained the attorney most attorneys will...
I just received a withheld judgement for DUI in Idaho. I have a Utah driver license.
Once the DUI is dismissed in Idaho after successful 1 yr probation, will Utah still require the installation of an interlock device for 18 months?
Good question. I think it will, but take my answer with a grain of salt because I am not licensed to practice law in...
Dui about 9yrs ago pled guilty was to do classes, pay fees i didnt now live out of state want to fix it from where i live, how?
i was 19 when i got the under age dui in riverside california, i am now 28 and live in utah i had payed and enrolled in the classes but did not show up and only did 2 of i think 7 days of community service the judge reinstated me 3 times as i failed to complete my requierments how can i fix this???
Contact a ca lawyer, complete everything again or show proof of completion.