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  • Parolee in I-80 rock-throwing case avoids prison for...

    Friday Jun 16 | via 

    Less than a year after being paroled from prison, one of the young men convicted in the Interstate 80 rock-throwing case has avoided another jail stint for a drug-related crash in Dauphin County. Senior Deputy District Attorney Jack Canavan said Friday that Brett Lahr, 21, of Coal Township, has pleaded guilty to a driving under the influence charge, plus careless driving and a traffic violation for a one-car accident in Upper Paxton Township.


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Do u need lawyer if you put the pfa on a drunk person with a weapon after they beat you.
pfa for a girl who got beat from her drunk boyfriend who don't leave they he just a stayed often
Unclear about who you are in the scenario can you clarify?
Can I fight a dui refusal in PA if the cop stated I refused even though I did the breathalyzer once?
Got pulled over for suspected dui taken to the station I blew once he stated he had gotten a reading and said I had to do OT again. So I tried two more times wasn't doing it right he said if I don't do it right again ots going to be a refusal. I stated I blew you got a reading why do I need to do it again. He said I'm a refusal will lose my license for a year and to sign this paper stating I refused. I said I am not signing that because I did not refuse. He said OK you don't sign that's a refusal too. Can I fight this automatic year suspension?
There are many reasons why the first test couldn't be used. You could have blown but didn't give it much effort so that...
Why was I taken home and not taken to jail and sent in front of the judge
After going to bar I was pulled over the other night by the police and was given a field sobriety test and was taken to there station and given a breathalyzer test and then a blood test and afterwards I was taken home to my residence
Most police take DUI drivers home instead of taking to jail. Its far less expensive for them just to take you home...
Is there a legal limit of oxycodone to be able to drive?
I am prescribed 6 oxycodone 30mg per day. I got pulled over and tested for suspicion of dui. the officer told me there is a limit just like alcohol
Not in the way the officer made it sound. The limit is whether or not you are impaired. The issue becomes impairment...
First Time Offender DUI..Tier 3
If a person serves time and cannot afford the costs or restitution does that mean that they stay in jail and never come out? Not having any income.
You will need to contact a local attorney to determine the outcome with any certainty. Your case is not uncommon and...
How can I get the Judge to Dismiss my case for refusal of a Chemical test when I didn't and no one will listen?
I was charged with a Blood Test Refusal, but I never Refused. I did however refuse a Breathalyzer because I was afraid it would affect my pacemaker. The cop had me read and sign a 1547 form in the interrogation room, that said if I refuse a Blood Draw I would be charged with the max for DUI. I read it, signed it, got a copy of it, and waited for the Blood Test. He then released me. 3 days Later, I found out he filled out the affidavit stating I refused the Blood Test. I DIDN'T. He never took me to get it. On My copy of The 1547 The Affidavit section is Blank. But he Submitted his altered copy to PENDOT and The Court. I found out later he was supposed to read it to me in the presence of a witness and then have me sign it. There was a Video Camera in the room but they wont release the video
It is very important for you to retain a criminal defense attorney who has expertise in the area of DUI cases. There is...
My car ran out of gas. got ride home went to a bar and drank for 3 hours as i was filling up a cop pull in and gave me a dui.
i drank 3 hours after i was driving. there are no witnesses that saw me driving. never pulled over. cop pulled in said he smelled alcohol and gave me a dui. i was not drinking while driving 1 never pulled over nobody can testify i was drunk while driving 2 doors locked 3 keys not in the ignition 4 car not running 5 never read my Miranda Rights 6 gave field sobriety test 7 he noticed in the back seat of the car a case of beer with 3 beers in it and one open container in the middle console the beer was warm i had not been drinking it. 8 Asked me if i had my keys on me I gave them to him 9 I have witness that saw me in the bar around noon 10 3 prior dui in last10 years 11 since i was not driving or pulled over andthere no witnesses 12 do i have a chance here 13 friend drive
You have a defense and need to retain a criminal defense attorney with expertise in DUI cases. The stakes are high as...