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Do they have probable cause?
I was recently cited for a DUI. I was on my motorcycle. The officers reason for the initial stop was that i was drifting left and right a little. I may have been drifting but I am positively sure I did not drift into another lane or the shoulder. Do they still have probable cause for the initial stop?
Also known as weaving within your lane, yes this has been upheld in court with sufficient description by the officer....
Will I have to serve much jail time for turning myself in on a misdemeanor 1st DUI bench warrant?
I missed my court date last year and have since then broke my heel. I want to get this bench warrant taken care of but am in the process of getting approved for surgery. Will they hold me until my court date or will they let me out til court?
If this is a warrant just to start your DUI process, then you will be admitted to bail and not just kept in jail. If...
Will I be charged with a 2nd DUI??
I'm on probation for 3 yrs for a DUI I got in Oct 2013. The other night I was pulled over and was charged for driving on a suspended license and I violated my DUI probation by having .4% alcohol in my system. He said I had violated cause since I'm on probation I have a 0% alcohol tolerance. So I'm being charged for that too. I had a couple beers earlier that afternoon and had told him I waited hrs and drank lots of water and waited as late as I can for the alcohol to come out of my system but obviously it wasn't enough. I understand my charge for DSL. But will I be charged for a 2nd DUI or is it a violation since I was still under the legal limit??
Probably just a probation violation and infraction (VC 23154) if the .04 was the only impairing substance in you. DUIs...
What do I do now after getting a ticket for driving on a suspended license?
The other night I was pulled over and got a ticket for driving on a suspended license due to a DUI I got in 2013. I didnt have a car so I wasn't driving so I wasn't in need of a restricted license. Now Im working graveyard and is back in my DUI classes so I'm currently in the middle of getting a restricted license so I can drive. What's going to happen when I go to court in June? Will me having a restricted license by the time I go to court help my case. I work graveyard so I need to drive since buses don't run then... What can I do to help my case and not have them revoke my license?
Getting your restricted license before your court date could be helpful in getting you a favorable resolution. You may...
Hello, i received a letter from CHP. 53150. Do i have pay for it now or after my court at May 5?
What kind of legal action if i did not pay it. Since no one is injured at the accident.
For drunk driving incidents, under California Government Code section 53150, the drunk driver can be responsible for...
Is it easier to win, or beat a misdemeanor DUI case the older it gets??
my case is 7.5 yrs old now. after my dui i lost my car, job, and had to relocate out of that state. it's just not been easy to get back. im ready to take care of it, but wonder if the time passed can play in my favor. such things as officer not being employed any longer. i was also approached more than 3 hrs after driving last, and even longer since last drink. I broke down and was resolved to stay the night in my car. It was shortly after 10pm, and I was tested approximately 1:30-2am. It was definitely after 3 hrs though. I posted earlier and mistakenly said 2 hrs......but I checked the phone i used 8 yrs ago, yes i saved it. I called 911 because i eventually became too cold, and basically nervous. I was waiting on the tow truck
You could win your case on what is colloquially referred to as a Serna motion. You will need a lawyer for this. It also...
Got arrested red for a dui. Was v pulled over because light was out got arrested because assumption were made by peace officer
Did the hearing. I felt like I was attacked, findings and facts from d m vstated; set aside how t o go about getting money back for the tow and suffering and time spent. Also they will not give me a copy of my police report.
I'm not sure what your question is but you can usually request a copy of the police report from the arresting agency....