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Do they have probable cause?
I was recently cited for a DUI. I was on my motorcycle. The officers reason for the initial stop was that i was drifting left and right a little. I may have been drifting but I am positively sure I did not drift into another lane or the shoulder. Do they still have probable cause for the initial stop?
Also known as weaving within your lane, yes this has been upheld in court with sufficient description by the officer....
My sister got pull over for driving under the influence of alcohol and for child endangerment but her charges say 825 ?
My sister got detained for drinking and driving with her 3 yr old and 16 yr old in the car and other previous charges but is going to be released in 2 weeks nothing was brought up about the drinking or child endangerment except the previius charges with 825 what does that mean?
The facts you provide are not clear. Try re-submitting your inquiry with more detail. I think you need a DUI defense...
If a police officer has been arrested and charged with DUI, will he be placed on administrative leave?
If a cop is in legal trouble due to a DUI, does this mean he cannot testify in court?
It's up to the department whether the office will be placed on administrative leave. The pending DUI would not...
Got a dui back in january 2014 and i stoped paying my ticket, got arrested and have court, if i go will i be arrested?
when i got my dui i started a payment plan and had community service, did this for 3 months, i was going threw some hard times and could no longer keep paying my tickets and doing community service, ever since iv goten speeding tickets and recently i got pulled over and got arrested for my warent but was released the same day, i got a letter saying i have court about the day i got my ticket and it says its about my dui back in 2014, will i most likely get arrested for not paying my dui and my tickets?
Possibly. Have you passed the deadline to pay your court-ordered fees for the DUI or do you still have time. If you...
Violated dwi/poss. Of control substance probation w/ reckless driving. What should I expect?
Today i made my final court payment and i was ecstatic to finally pay off my dwi fine. However. I lost my judgement and in excitement I did a donut in an empty parking lot and got caught. I regret it, I know I was wrong I have no one to blame but myself. I reported it to my p.o in southern California now I'm just waiting for my punishment I won't hear from my p.o until monday. What can I expect? I'm in probation in southern California but came to visit the bay area when I got the reckless driving. Thank you for your time.
It is hard to say what exactly to expect. Do you have any prior convictions for reckless driving? What are you on...
How to handle a California DUI when you have moved out of state during your 30 day hard suspension and just moved to TX/OK?
I was arrested in January with a BAC of .23 in San Bernadino. I hired a lawyer and he assured me that I could handle my DUI with no major issues from another state because he has had many clients do this. I received a job opportunity making significantly more money in Oklahoma in June and moved out here only to find that I cannot get my license. My lawyer simply responded "I didn't think this would happen." It is my understanding that there is no way to satisfy the DMV's criteria to attend a class in person that will satisfy California code AB541 to reinstate a provisional license. Therefore, I will have to wait the full 4 months before I the hold is lifted on my CA DL so that I may get an OK DL. I need a license to begin my job in Oklahoma as a sales rep with a large territory. My boss is willing to hold my position and is aware of my situation. My question is if there is anything I can do to get a license(even provisional/occupational) before October 2017 outside of California? Additional Info: My court date for the arrest has not even been scheduled yet. I am not convicted.
You certainly cannot move to another state to evade the suspension that the CA DMV put into effect on your license (...
What if it's non violent like a dui
DUI felony non injury
For what? This does not make sense. Try again...