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How do I obtain a copy of police dash cam from a 3 year old offense from Wayne county, New York
Unlawful flee of an officer. Misdemeanor. Time was served. July 2011 is when the incident occurred. Three police cars were involved. I would like access to all three. I was the one charged with the incident. I'm wondering what steps I have to take be able possess the said police dash cam videos. The incident occurred in Clyde, NY / Lyons, NY (Wayne county)
The videos may be available through your state's Open Records Act. However, I highly doubt that dash cam video from 3...
What could happen if you are 21, have a party, an underage drinker gets a dwi. Is the home owner liable for anything?
home owner thought drinker was 21 but didnt ask. drinker brought his own alcohol.
It is possible but sounds unlikely given that it sounds like he got a DUI and that was the end of it. He could...
How do I prove to court I'm not an alcoholic?
I got a DWI a mistake and now after I got charged I'm being made to go to a bunch of classes etc 4 times a week which is ridiculous I haven't drank a drop since this happened and don't feel the need to how can I prove this?
Well you need to talk it over with your attorney and make sure the evaluation you received which mandated the treatment...
What do I face for an AUO 2nd on felony DWI probation, if I wasn't mirandized? 3 years on probation no violations, clean urine
I was in a one vehicle accident, my tie rod blew out and I rolled the vehicle 5 times, no property damage , no other cars involved, excellent probation record, no violations or dirty urine screens, no police contact, maintained Job whole time and have 2 children, 4 year old daughter and son coming at the end of January
You face re-sentencing of up to 4 years in jail on the felony DWI charge if you are found guilty of violating your...
What kind of consequence am I facing for an AUO 2nd while on felony probation for a DWI?
I received a DWI, AUO 3rd, no seatbelt, and in September 2005 underage, and I was convicted of only the DWI, the rest were dropped, my fine was 500$ and to attend the NYS DDP, license revocation for a year. While that DWI was pending conviction , I received an AUO 3rd, pled guilty and paid a fine. In June of 2010 I received another DWI and because I was 4 months from a 5 year gap in my convictions it was a felony. I received 4 months of weekends, 6 months of EHM and 5 years probation. I've been on probation since Jan 5th 2011 and have had no trouble, I've quit drinking In general and never was a drug user so I've had clean urine screens the entire time, on oct 26 I crashed a truck due to a broken Tie-rod, I was sober, but I got an AUO 2nd, I was only car involved no PropDam
You face up to 4 years in jail for the probation violation.
I am moving to Florida for an internship. I have a conditional license in NY. Will I be able to drive to work?
New York to Florida w/ a conditonal
Assuming that the Conditional License is the result of a DWI or DWAI charge or conviction in New York State, and you...
Can police issue ticket days after drinking while intoxicated on alcohol?
Friend totaled car. Blew a 0.9 but was issued no ticket and 3 weeks have passed.
You need to consult a DUI attorney in NY immediately.