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  • Multiple charges after 30-mile chase in Tama County

    Wednesday Aug 3 | via Tama News-Herald 

    A pursuit by law enforcement through western Tama County and into Marshall County ended with the arrest of Joshua Dale Todd, 29, of Clutier, on Tuesday, July 26. Tama County Chief Deputy Sheriff Chad Hansen began the chase at Clutier about 4 p.m. and it ended at 4:40 p.m. on Zeller Avenue in Marshall County. Hansen was responding to a domestic assault call involving Todd in Clutier and was advised by a citizen he was heading out of town at the time.


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How To Get Copy of DUI class certificate that was completed.
My brother here in Iowa had a DUI few years ago (he been using bus forever since then to get around or rides from family ).He completed all the classes, took all the courses and paid the fines as required . However recently he went to get reinstated and get his Drivers License back. He took the written test, passed it and took the driving course and passed it as well. He had his picture taken and was just about to get his license when the clerk at the License branch said the State of Missouri put a block on it pending wanting a copy of his completion of DUI he took. Unfortunately my brother cannot locate his DUI certificate and the place where he took his DUI class years ago are no longer there. We thought surely the Iowa DMV had specific records from the instructor so they could fax it Missouri DMV but they do not. We were shocked Iowa DMV did not have copy of his DUI certificate completion they only had record that he had completed the DUI course. Now we are hearing he might have to go through the DUI program and all the cost and while process again and that just seems so disappointing. Can you advise us what we can do?
Call his attorney for his Iowa OWI case. S/he should have a copy of the certificate. If not, the clerk of court should...
Baby drug tested with positive marijuana results. Mother smoked a few times before she knew she was pregnant. DHS now want rehab
Baby drug tested with positive marijuana results. Mother smoked a few times before she knew she was pregnant. DHS now want rehab which completely unnecessary. What are my rights to prove drugs innocence without rehab or weekly visits? She doesn't do drugs and is a nurse which could cause her to lose her license.
There's not much that can be done other than comply with DHS. Babies aren't positive for marijuana unless mom used...
Can medical problems influence a breath test ?
The Breathalyzer and Acid Reflux People suffering from gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) have an increased risk of getting a false-positive result above the legal limit on a breath-alcohol test. Even if only a very small amount of alcohol is consumed, many GERD patients have tested above the legal limit of 0.08, placing them in danger of a DWI conviction. Because of all the above factors it is essential that you contact a DWI defense lawyer if you are ever arrested for drunk driving. I had smoked a ciggerets right before because he told me to put it out And used hairspray earlier Also I have pkd And have had a history of high keytones Also I have acid reflux Take medication pertini And take meds for anxiety
You've answered your own question. You should contact a criminal defense attorney to discuss the specifics of your case.
How much time between breathalyzer tests?
I live in a halfway house I return from work just before 3 in the morning. They breathalyze to me because my eyes were red after working almost a 16-hour day. The first test came back .23 so they did another test the second one came back as .26. That come back is .25. I asked for them to redo it they declined I asked the sheriff that was there if he could use his he said he didn't want to get in the middle. I was booked in at the jail at 3:23 a.m. I asked the station if they would do a test on me they declined also. The next day I received a fax from the halfway house they said they had made a mistake it was actually .023. How can there be such a big difference and why was I refused more testing?
Breathalyzers (that are used in the field or Preliminary Breath Tests - PBTs) are required to be calibrated regularly...
My lawer and I went to pretrial conference June 12 its almost 3 months later and I still have no court date is this unusual
5 counts of possession of controlled substance
Since you have an attorney, you should direct this question to her/him.
What should I do about this bad situation?
I was driving a friends car, got in a wreck. I woke up and woke my friend up. My friend walked away from the accident. Nobody was seriously injured but stupid me panicked and left the scene too. We got back to the hotel muddy as could be. The police were already their because my other friend was there and it was her car. She didn't say anything to the cops. I Told everyone I was not driving and everyone went along with it nobody said anything. Even my friends insurance (I told them I was in the back seat and some other person was driving, that's why I flew forward and got scraches) so the police wouldn't have any evidence of me actually driving if they could use that against me. Even though they have suspicion I was driving because of the cuts I got on my face matched with the driver side and they put it in the police report. The case is still being investigated after about a month. My friend 3 weeks to a month after the crash today has told me she's going to press charges for a stolen car because her insurance wasn't going to pay for anything regardless of me driving. Bad situation gets worse and worse. Should I come clean right now? Should I stick to my story? Get a lawyer?
There is a lot going on here but you ended by asking three questions: (1) Should I come clean right now? You...
Why was my son was issued a citation for iowa code 123.47 possesion/purchase of alcohol by a person under the age of 18?
My son was stopped by a state trooper for taillights out. He blew .079 on his breathalyzer age 17, why was he charged with this charge when he had no alcohol on his person or in his vehicle? the officer said there was no alcohol to be found and he was not purchasing or attempting to purchase. Should the charge have been different?
I would have expected a charge of DUI, if he was not also charged with that.