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I got a second dui and my lawyer just told me I could be remanded on my first court date?
Second dui ..blew 0.24 ..I’m doing three AA classes and getting outpatient therapy three times a week as well
Your lawyer is probably right. The consequences for a second DUI within a ten year period can be high. You BAC of .24...
If you second DUI WAS over 20 year dose a 3dr count against you?
I GOT A DUI 2016
I'm not sure what you are asking but, if you were arrested for a DUI in 2016 and your prior conviction was 20 years ago...
How long will you serve on two dui's and a probation violation? She was taken in after shop;ifting.
I needed to provide more info. My friend is in jail on shoplifting and probation charge. They also tacked on her misdemeanor Dui. She has had two Dui's and they were both misdemeanors. She went to court and they have increased her bail on the Dui, and no bail on the probation. My questions is how long will she serve?
It depends on the facts and the judge. Your friend needs a lawyer.
How long will a person serve in jail for a probation violation and shoplifting, and a dui charge from several months ago?
My friend was arrested on shoplifting and probation violation and they also booked her on a dui from months ago. She went to court today, they have taken off the shoplifting charge and she has a higher bail for the past dui charge now and no bail for her probation violation. How long will she be in the county jail?
It is difficult to guess based upon these facts. What is the underlying charge for the probation matter? She may...
Can I fight my suspended license?
A few months ago I received an underage dui. Today my lawyer told me that the judge decided to drop the charges but my license is still suspended. I would like my license back because the dui cost me my enlistment contract with the air force and as long as my license is suspended the dui is on record keeping me from re enlisting. It also prevents me from getting employment while I'm here. I'm tired of mooching of my mom and not being able to do anything. Is it still possible to fight the suspension even though it's been several months since the dui? I'm in California by the way
DMV is a world of its own.If you had a DMV hearing or it you failed to request one within ten days of your arrest it is...
How long does the court have to notify DMV of DUI conviction in California?
I was arrested for a DUI in March 2015. I requested a DMV hearing which took place in April 2015, and resulted in the DMV 'setting aside' my license suspension. I then went to court in June 2015 and was convicted of a DUI. It is now October 2015 and the DMV has never received anything from the court and are currently showing that I have a clean license with no convictions on my record. They say that this is highly unusual and they normally receive notification within a few days. Is there a statue of limitation that the court has to notify the DMV? I dont want to receive a suspension of my license 2 years down the line because the court messed up their paperwork. Also am I okay to continue driving and having car insurance without notifying them of a DUI as its not on my record? Help!
Highly unusual, indeed. There is no statute of limitations for the court to notify DMV. Perhaps you should simply take...
How to seal a wet and reckless charge from three years ago?
I was charged with a DUI back in 2012. The judge lowered it to a wet and reckless. I have completed all the court mandated programs. If possible, when and how can i seal the record. Also is it possible to ever expunge the conviction? I need help getting directed to the appropriate self help resources in filling the paperwork and motion. Please advise. Thanks a ton.
In California, the only way to "seal" your record is to show that you are factually innocent (someone was using your ID...