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Can i fight that and remove the dui?
I got pulled over the the breath test came out to 0.8. Police at the moment said that was a dui and probation. Can i fight it?
A .08 breath test result is the best type of DUI case to fight. Please feel free to call me at 707 758-2030 to set up...
Can I obtain a medical card and consume if I have 2 dui and have to take a 9 month program?
I got my second dui and they let me out with work release and alive at 25 also a 9 month dui program. I still got court coming up but I think they said I will be put on informal probation. I don't want to drink at all I just want to know if I can have my marijuana since I go through depression.
That depends on what you were ordered to do or not do while probation. Checked your minute orders and see what...
Sober over a year - First DUI - Did not take me to jail but gave me a citation? is it the same. Then put out a bench warrant.
I broke my ankle and went home and drank wine for the pain. I was arrested by citation one block from my house. The officer did not take me to jail. Gave me a breathalyzer and wrote on ticket .08%. He then went to my house and allowed someone to come and get me. On the ticket it said I have a court date on 12/15. Court clerk entered into computer as entered as the 13th. There fore a bench warrant was set. I caught this before I was arrested and went to court had the admin confirm it. ent upstairs to judges court room and got in front of the judge himself who once again entered the wrong date, the 16th . I did just what the ticket said and proved my due diligence. Unfortunatly due to a vexacioius ex husband that I am going thru custody, Called school ( i am board memb.) fam, and friends to slander. My question is will this help my chances of leniency for my dui. I also run my own aa mtgs, involved in the community, big bro/sisters, retreats, on school board, and work at homeless shelter one day a week for the kids. What exactly is the arrest with out going to jail? Do judges or da's ever drop/dismiss charges? Does being involved in community help? or even matter?
It might. I would want to read the police report and your criminal history. Were you involved in a car accident? Was...
How if on a ticket it shows no vehicle information, is actually crossed out by a big X, can I be cited and arrested for a DUI
I was cited for a DUI in a vehicle someone else was driving. There is no vehicle information on the ticket at all. Wouldn't that just be a drunk in public or something? I am so confuaed
I'm confused too. Better take that ticket to a local criminal defense attorney's office. I think you posted a...
Will California count a dui in Hawaii as multiple offense?
I have to sign up for a first offender program in California but I had 2 in California 10 years prior.
Probably. Get your driving history from CA DMV to learn how many convictions are listed.
Can the DMV in California override a 1st offender conviction in Hawaii 13 years ago?
I got a dui while I was still a resident of Hawaii, 13 years ago. I was moving to Florida the next day. It was bad, I blew a 3.0, ? I had a lawyer go to court for me, ( James Biven retired or deceased ) guess I plead guilty and was supposed to complete a 1st offender program. I went to the courthouse in Florida and they didn't know what to do with my situation, the DMV gave a license and renewed it for over 10 years, it is still valid...I moved back to California 2 years ago and recently went to the DMV to get a California license (my Florida picture was great) I was genuinely a little surprised when she said NO! I have taken the steps to resolve this problem but am am frightened that when I sign up for class in California they will bring up my 2 prior DUIs many years ago. My life is so different now, I don't drink and I just need to get this resolved. I was surprised because I was in Hawaii in 2011 and wanted to make sure it was taken care of , but ex boyfriend convinced me his lawyer took care of it.... Thank you! The 2 DUIs in California were 10 years prior to the Hawaii conviction.
What a tangled mess. What do you mean by "override" a first offender conviction in Hawaii? Do you mean make it a...
What can I do to resolve this issue as soon as possible ? Would it be cheaper and quicker to go to Hawaii and do it?
I received a dui in Hawaii 13 years ago. I was still a resident but was moving to Florida the next day. It was bad, I blew really high, 3.0. I had a lawyer go to court and I was sentenced to 1st offender program. Florida gave me a license, it's still valid. I moved to California 2 years ago and finally went to the DMV to switch my license and of course no way. I was in Hawaii in 2011 and my ex boyfriend told me he had seen his lawyer and it was cleared up. Obviously he lied. Please help. Thank you!
It's still not clear what's plaguing your ability to be licensed in CA. What did the DMV identify as the problem?...