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How dss says i had a diluted sample with creatine level of 15 mgs
My urine test shows my creatine level was 15 mgs last week dss says it counts as a failed test but my research shows 15mgs can be normal in 24 hour tests
If by DSS you mean Virginia's Department of Social Services, I am not sure why you have posted your inquiry under DUI/...
Will VASAP Drug test for an Underage DUI Charge?
I unfortunately received a DUI when I was 19 years old. I am now 20, and about to take my VASAP classes. During research, I found that in some programs, they will drug/alcohol test each session. However, I couldn't find details about the Underage alcohol program. I am under no circumstance an addict of any sort, I'm a college student who enjoys the occasional party, and unfortunately wouldn't pass a drug test on the count of marijuana. Any insight?
Stop smoking now and hope they do not test you.
Will I get drug tested on my court date?
I was pulled over in va and the cop said he smelled marijuana in my car. It was not mine, but he arrested me for possession and I got out on an unsecured bond. He made me follow a pen with my eyes and determined I was not under the influence. I was just wondering if I would be drug tested on my court date in January?
Not a problem if you remain clean. Get clean, stay clean, and stop hanging out with people who have dope. See a...
What happens usually with a noncompliance on a dui?
It's my first dui. I had a violation in Sept but it was first and forgiven. However in November I got another and just received a letter from my case manager about it going back to court. What should I do? Expect?
You should call your attorney or hire a good DUI attorney. They tend to wait until the 2nd interlock violation so...
My license is suspended for a dui from 2009. I have no way to pay the fines. How can I reduce the price?
I have no way to work without a license. I don't drink alcohol anymore. I'm 27 years old now, I was 19 when this happened. I've struggled for 8 years.
First of all, I suggest you ask the DMV for a compliance summary to make sure the fine is the only thing standing in...
What is the punishment for driving on a suspended license for multiple convictions of DUI? I've had three DUI's.
I was pulled over for a taillight and while the officer was running my name he found out that my license was suspended. He wrote me a ticket for the suspension and defective equipment. I'm allowed to petition the circuit court for a restricted license January 13, 2017 because that will be four years since my conviction for my DUI 3rd. But now that I got this ticket I'm not sure what to do. What are my punishments for the ticket? And should I petition the higher court before going to the lower court for the ticket?
You need an attorney. The penalties are harsh, including additional jail and suspension of license. It may be a good...
When does the courts notify DMV of my license suspension?
I was convicted of a DWI 3 months. I have checked DMV and it is still showing me licensed with no convictions whatsoever. My sister and cousin work in the courts and said they should have notified DMV immediately.....I also haven't heard anything from my insurance at all. I'm not sure what to do. thanks
It sounds like it may have been overlooked by the court, but don't let that lead you to temptation. It can be reported...