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My husband was charged on April 14 2011 for third DUI and two within a year....
Judge ordered my husband 58 day's in jail, fines and AODA and to follow recommendations. My husband served jail time as of 4/ 14/11 and was ordered to have interlock on vehicles for 28 months the day of being charged...4/14/11 and has followed all orders. We have come to fine out that as 9/26/13 is 28 mths and my husband has to have interlock in for another 28 mths because my husband's 28 mths prior did not count because my husband didn't have a valid drivers license. Note that my husband was not eligible for a occupational or licence until 9/26/12. MY ? is another 28 mths?????
the IID for another 28 months may actually protect him . . .and the public
I was charged with Sexual Assault (intoxicated victim) Wisconsin Statute 940.225(2)(cm). Later changed to Use of force
I was charged with 940.225(2)(cm) Sexual assault intoxicated victim. Two weeks after my preliminary hearing when the blood tests came back showing she wasn't drugged the DA changed it to 940.225(2)(a) which is use of force. How can they say it's probable I drugged her then say it's probable I forced her? Shouldn't I get a new hearing?
you need a good attorney immediately. This is a very serious charge which could result in a long term prison and a...
My boyfriend got a dui but we are not sure if it's from wisconsin or illinois and also what state lawyer we need or don't need ?
so we are not sure what state he got the dui well he got a ticket from wi of 990 around that amount but no court appearance but license suspended for 6months from wi which he wants to fight for the license but also illinois stopped him for speeding , operating uninsured vehicle and ILCS which I don't kno what ILCS Means (625 ILCS 5/) but has court in illinois ?
ILCS is the statute. 5/11-501 is DUI. He clearly needs a lawyer
What's the difference of OWI & DUI ?
again I have a question
States have different names... Driving under influence, driving while intoxicated...operating while intoxicated....etc.
Does he need a lawyer ?
my name is jackie gonzalez im looking for a dui lawyer that is licensed in wi and illinois for my boyfriend it's he's 1st dui offense he is a wi resident and got a dui in illinois he needs a helpful good lawyer that could clear the dui or can help us with this case
Hello Jackie. I'd suggest reposting this question in Illinois. While his OWI will have licensing implications all...
I was arrested for DUI in IL back in 1998 but didn't finish going to court is there a statute of limitation?
I was dealing with other legal issues in WI where I reside. Have renewed my WI license since and no mention of IL issues.
A statute of limitations only applies to the time limit for filing a charge. If you'd already been to court on the...
Had DUI in 1998 in IL and never finished going to court. 1st offense. Apparently they forfeited my bond and closed the case?
Started court proceedings but because of other court proceedings in WI wasn't able to finish with IL DUI case.
Likely not. Most likely there's a warrant out for your arrest and you've been deemed a fugitive. Hire an attorney to...