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Can i be charged with DUI if i was sober?
I wrecked my truck while driving on a wet road, i was completely sober and truthful to the police.There was a slight odor of marijuana in my truck from smoking the day before and the cop claimed that it reeked as if i was just smoking or there was "a pound of weed in the truck".There was no marijuana in the truck and it was only a slight odor that others at the scene said they couldn't smell.I requested field sobriety test but the officer refused to give me one and offered me to take a dui or blood test so i went tor the test. on the way to the hospital the officer said they would check my HTC levels, yes he said HTC,and also told me that even if i wasnt high i would still most likely be charged with DUI anyway.He texted and drove the whole way there as well.What should i do?Im a minor.
Hire a lawyer. If you smoked weed the day prior you probably still had metabolites in your system. They can be...
Can he actually be charged with a DUI without a warrant? If so, this is second DUI in 10 years. What can we expect?
My son was drinking at home, then drove to a nearby store to buy cigarettes. On the way home, he swerved to miss hitting a deer and went into hillside embankment. He was alone in the car, hit his head on the windshield and had a bloody nose. This occurred near his home, so since the car was driveable, he went home. He told his dad about the incident, who suggested they contact the police to file a report. Before they had a chance to do so, a borough police officer arrived, looking into a call about a piece of debris on the road. He followed a trail of car fluid to my son's home, went onto his property and asked if he'd been drinking. There was not a search warrant. My son was cooperative and said yes. He was told he'd need a blood alcohol level drawn, but had to wait for the township police, since it was not in officer #1's jurisdiction. Officer #2 arrived and looked around, picked up a bottle from the recycling bin and asked if it was my son's. He said "yes, I guess." He was saying several things that did not make sense to his father and he complained of a headache. He was cuffed and taken to the hospital. Blood test was performed and he was released to his dad.
They didnt need a search warrant for anything you described. That doesnt mean the search was legal, you would need...
I got busted for a DUI when a cop parked across the street from the methadone clinic followed me and lied on field sobriety test
I sent a couple of nasty emails to the police station saying how disgusted I was with the cops in our town. I never threatened them or anything. They knew I was a methadone clinic patient from a previous run-in with them 3 months prior to this incident. SO, what happened one week after my emails, the cop waited in his cruiser across from the clinic. He waited until I took my methadone at the clinic. I then drove out of the clinic's parking lot and he followed me and pulled me over for having a tinted license plate cover. He asked where I was coming from. {He KNEW where I was coming from because he sat there 50 feet away facing the entrance to the clinic) He purposely failed my sobriety test even though I passed it just so he could get a blood sample. He got an EASY DUI.How do I fight this?
You may have some suppression issues available for your defense. However, the case will not be resolved in this forum....
If you are pulled over and cop assumes you are drunk and places you in the car to take you for a blood test does he have to read
Does he have to read you your rights?
No, Miranda rights are not required.
How can i get a work or school drivers license with 2 years left on my 5 year DUI suspension.
I was given a 1 year suspension by the judge on my 3rd DUI but the DMV made it a 5 year suspension, I need a work and school license. I have 2 years left on my suspension. I am in Pennsylvania and I have heard about a work license or probationary license. My mother is also 77 years old and needs me to drive her places.
If you are convicted of your third DUI in all likelihood you are ineligible for an occupational use permit. Your best...
Charged with DUI, reside in Pa and Ga... which state should I have a license for at sentencing?
I am a Ga resident who also has a resident in Pa before time of incident. With DUI charge, it was suggested I get a Pa license for sentencing. I accepted a first time offense deal in ARD. Awaiting sentencing but want to be sure my record will be clean. Am I better off to keep Pa license or go back to Ga license(not a compact state)?
This is serious and I would not go at it alone. Find a local attorney who will protect you and your rights. The...
I live outside Pittsburgh, PA. I had 2 in 2009 that were less than 2 months apart. Unfortunately, this past June 2014
got another which would be my 3rd in a little over 5 years. However, being that the first 2 were so close together, is there any chance the court would consider combining those into one to make this most recent one a 2nd? Also, I completed 14 days of inpatient treatment and now have been living in a recovery house for 60 days. What are the chances of receiving time served? Thank you for your assistance! These are driving under the influence charges of course at the highest tier for each. I was told the court may be inclined to give credit for living in a recovery house because it has curfew, testing, AA meeting requirements, and 24/7 staff on site.
I am going to change the practice area because you appear to be talking about a DUI case and you need to be looking for...