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How many continuances can I get for a DUI case?
I lost my job when I lost my license and was just able to start back working. I want to hire a lawyer but I need at least another week to get my 1st paycheck. I have had 2 continuances already.
As many as the judge is willing to grant. Let the judge know that you would like to hire an attorney and ask for time.
Can I get a dwi when the officer didn't perform any test?
I got pulled over. The officer asked if I had been drinking. I said I yes, he then gave me a ticket for dwlr and dwi and let me get out. He didn't perform any test or ask me to take any. Is this ok?
Sometimes things are forgotten or become confused during a traffic stop- traffic stops are stressful for everybody. You'...
Convicted of dui,first offense.if i wait a year and get license back do i have to have put in interlock
I have oppurtunity to get restricted license but gonna wait a year.i have had assessment and paying insurance and have done community service
If you blew .15 or above, interlock is required
Do i need to have a regular drivers license before i can get a cdl?
i want to get a cdl but i lost my regular license in 2004 for a dwi. i have to have a breathalyzer installed in my personal vehicle and i want to know if i had to have my regular license before i could get a cdl.
You are not eligible for a CDL now and probably will be disqualified for the DWI conviction
Is it safe to fly within the US with a DWI conviction?
I was convicted of DWI last year. The conviction is level 5, supposedly the lowest level in North Carolina. I'm currently on F1 OPT STEM extension, awaiting response to my employer's H-1B petition. I have never had to fly within the US before but I need to do so for my friend's wedding. Is it safe to do so with my DWI conviction? If it is safe, could I be taking any documentation with me just in case?
You need to present valid government issued id. DWI does not prevent travel.
How can I avoid jail time when charged with DUI Level 1?
I had a seizure behind the wheel and wrecked the car into a power poll. My son who was 17 at the time was in the car too. I don't remember the wreck at all. I did however offer my blood to the officer bc I knew I wasn't drinking or on anything. But I just got the discovery paperwork and my blood showed medication in it that I have never taken. It took the State lab 2.5 yrs to process my blood. I'm SURE this blood isn't mine! I have proof from all the pharmacies in my area. The blood work didn't even show the meds I am on. One of them is an opiate. The DA offered me 30 days in jail or at a rehabilitation center. I'm a disabled veteran and I'm in a wheelchair with seizures so I have daily meds I HAVE to take but the county jail will not give out meds my
So you are saying the lab switched the samples of your blood? The only way to truly find out what happened is to hire...
I had a DUI in NC in 2005. I just recently finished my hours and classes. ?
I had a DUI in NC in 2005. I just recently finished my hours and classes. I am not longer suspended or revoked as I completed the program and paid all of my fines. If I were to get my license in NC they would require an interlock system installed. I live and work in Montana full time now, so nowthat I'm eligible to get my license anywhere (off the registry) will Montana require an interlock or just the home state if I were to ever return and reclaim residency.
To get your NC drivers rights restored, you will have to have the interlock installed in your vehicle for 365 days....