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14yrs. ago mis: dui classes, charges paid. 2015 2nd mis dui what charges fines can my car besiege? Is a lawyer needed?
Past assault charged, two domestic violence charges. Probation over five yrs ago completed 1st time. 1 year 2nd probation served completed just under two moths ago classes, fines paid.
I am not a MI lawyer and cannot comment on matters of MI law or procedure but, I can tell you that in Florida, where I...
Does the smart start in-home system have a gps in it?
does it record your global position?
Most of the newer units yes. All have some type of recording device that will enable the program to keep a record of...
Grounds for cpl denial or not? Jan 1 2009 had a disorderly persons intoxicated/drunk mcl 750.1671e this is not listed as well
I am in lenawee county i have a disorderly persons also mcl 750.5405a for unplugging a dial up computer wire from my computer because of a girl that was living with me was using it to I'm and making drug deals from my computer in my house i had no ideal she had drug addiction at time she was using computer to set up her thing to by pass phone number on phone bill there for it didn't matter what she was doing i interfered communications, my understanding is that i could not have disorderly 3 years preceding the date of application, but under the listings of disorderly is mcl 750.540e which is malicious use of telephone mine is not listed. am i wrong or is this a different issuse or would this still affect me this was back in 2008.
Please consult with a local attorney.
How does someone test positive for cocaine if they never used it?
Boyfriend just got a letter stating he violated probation and could go to jail for a year over this and he never used coke, but tested positive. He takes Tylenol, amoxicillian and Dayquil
It’s possible there was a false positive. It’s also possible your boyfriend is lying to you. Have a lawyer help with...
81 days ago I was pulled over for a dui in Michigan but a court date hasn't been set yet. Do they have a time frame?
Pulled over for Dui. Took chemical test. They said I refused so took Blood test. Blood test was .059. Went to Lansing for refusal, which was dismissed. Over 80 days later still no arraignment date. Do they have a time frame? What can I do so this doesn't have to hang over my head?
They may have sent your blood test to the Michigan State Police Crime Lab to have it examined for the presence of...
Would it better to plead not guilty to a OWI and try to get it as impaired driving?
I was pulled over and got a OWI and a possession charge. And I don't know which direction to head in.
Your best bet is to get a defense attorney. They will know your options, and ways to proceed, and can discuss whether...
My first dui pv
I was put on probation and now have a pv for not paying off my fines in time. When I was working I was able to pay weekly and now I'm unemployed. I'm about to start community service and was wondering will that be enough, on top of this was my only dui ever from 2004
Your best bet is to submit job applications to all local businesses well before the PV Hearing, and bring copies of all...