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What is the best way to fight military dui?
Got arrested off of a military base for DUI in August if this year. The state dropped the charges and I just found out that's because military took jurisdiction from my military lawyer. Got a bit of an issue with my leadership prior to this cause of them giving me unlawful no contact order and made a complaint to the IG. On top of the DUI charges I was going to be prosecuted for breaking the unlawful no contact order when they said to my ex spouse we can talk about the divorce. I just learned the charges of me breaking the no contact order was dropped but it is pushed that I get condemned for the DUI. I asked for a formal discharge board since I'm entitled to it, being in the military more than 6 years but my lawyer said they said no.
There is a miscommunication somewhere. If you have six years of service, you are entitled to a Board. They can't say no....
I'm a civilian who received a DUI on a military base, what kind of punishment am I facing?
I can assume my driving privileges on base will be revoked for some amount of time and I would be paying a fine. I would like to know if there will be any jail time issued by civilian authorities. I was not handed off to local police after the arrest from the Military police.
Offenses by civilians on military bases would be prosecuted in federal court. DUI carries a possible jail sentence. An...
I am a civilan retired military. I received a DUI on Adrews Air Force BAse. When convicted will Maryland state get notified
DUI on a militay installation.
Possibly, but it depends in part on how you were charged. For example, if charged under the state statute the chances...
Just got my second dwi, last one was 4yrs ago in state of MD. What will happen?
I am no longer on probation for the first one. The offenses were in different counties but same state (MD). I will lose my job if I have to do jail time. The last time I did weekends.
Contact a local attorney: You may lose your license for a long time. You...
Can I get up represented by lawyer who knows common law in Maryland to win case before trial, on moving tickets.
I got a DUI but how can I get proper representation as a freeman.
You need to hire an attorney. If you cannot afford private counsel, apply for representation through the Office of the...
Can I be found guilty w/o officer who arrested me present in court?
The officer in my DUI trial is unavailable and the judge denied the state's request for postponement so trial is scheduled for tomorrow. The prosecutor said she will proceed based on a witness and another officer that arrived 1st but didn't do any of the tests etc.
You absolutely can still be found guilty. The State intends to use other evidence to satisfy its burden. You need a...
Can a DUI/DWI be expunged off my driving record in Maryland? I have a PBJ DUI from2010 and a NOLLE PROSEQUI DUI from 2014
I understand that in the state of Maryland, a DUI/DWI cannot be expunged off your criminal or court records. My question is, can it be expunged off your driving record? I have a DUI PBJ from 2010 and I also have a DUI NOLLE PROSEQUI from 2014.
The PBJ cannot be expunged., but the nolle prossequi can assuming all charges were dropped. Maryland law prohibits a...