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My OUI case was dismissed. Do I still have to pay the fines? Or can they be reduced?
I was charged in June and the case was dismissed in December.
If your case was dismissed outright, you will not be responsible for any of the court fees that are typically seen with...
I was set up for an OUI by someone. Police stopped me in the same town for anonymous call 2 days apart. Do I have case?
1 st stop I was let go and 2 nd they arrested me. I was not drunk either time.
An anonymous call opens up the door for a potential motion to suppress for an illegal stop. Either way you should...
I waited two and a half years for a hardship license brought a letter from a doctor for the medical brought my work schedule
I did everything that was required to get a hardship license but the registry denied it they said come back in one year but my question is can I appeal their decision
I am not licensed n MA, but regardless, you should have a lawyer representing you in these matters. An experienced DUI...
DUI not guilty and DACA?
I was found not guilty in my trial and I am also renewing mydaca. Will I get approved.
I think you should consult an immigration attorney now that you have been acquitted. I've changed the category for you....
Over a decade ago, my licence was suspended to to a car wreak,how do I get it back?
Over a decade ago I was in an accident because the sun was in my eyes. I had already moved back to Va and didn't get the summons for court. After years so living in city's i never needed a licence. I have called the DMV they confirm it is suspended. I've called the courts and they wont give me info on the phone I even called the governors office and spoke with an assistant of his whom said he would have him call me back the fallowing Monday. The only other thing I can think of is to sue the state i live in now in return mu state will sue Mass. to get the answers I need. I live over a 32 hour drive from there and can not return up there. Please tell me there is another way to find out what I need to do or has the statue of limitations kicked in ?
The best place to start is to physically visit your local DMV (in the state you want to get licensed to drive in). If...
What happens if you are unable to complete the terms of pre-trial probation?
I am in a pretrial probation program for a distracted driving accident (misdemeanor). I have completed my community service hours, paid all fees, and attended the required driving courses. The only uncompleted term is to participate in several speaking engagements about distracted driving with a program local to Massachusetts. I no longer live in Massachusetts, so I cannot complete this term without flying there and taking a lot of time off from work. Is there a way to substitute extra community service hours or ask apply for an alternative to this term?
In the vast majority of cases, there are ways to deal with this. If you had an attorney for the case, call that person....
I have been going to the same doctor for 10 plus years and have never once been short on my medication..and i have had all clean
All clean drug screens and just the past 4 months ive been called in by the doctors office for a random pet say pill count and drug screen and have prior gone in and been right on the money with all my medication counts and clean furious and feel im being harrased and its not fair nor legally i dontknow if or what my options please any feed back would be appreciated
In what context are you asking this question? Are you on probation? It's hard to understand the question since you...