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    Monday Aug 24 | via KTSM-AM El Paso 

    CLINT, Texas An anonymous tip led to the arrest of a Barrio Azteca gang member with an active criminal warrant for aggravated sexual assault of a child, authorities said.


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Can you get pdt for a 2nd dwi if I refused breathalyzer in Texas?
I've been told that if I ptd it will be expunged how does that work? ok here some facts of the case I didn't crash or nothing I refused bt and they got blood I think I'm being charged for first since my other dwi happened 7 years ago and in other state its states I'm being charged with a dwi>=.15 I have also a conviction of misdemeanor assault way back as well do I qualify for pdt how does it work?
You would not qualify for ptd in any county I've ever practiced in. Yours may be more lenient though. You need to...
Complex DWI question in the state of Texas please read details thank you
the DA offered 70 days in jail for a dwi. 15, the blood results barely come back so the court is barely forcing me to get a in home device which I can't afford so I decided to plea so I can do the time the judge rejected the offer and said the min he would accept is 6 months. he said I needed to do some classes get the device which I can't afford and pay the pr bond and he will accept the 70 days. do to the fact I was scared to death of doing 6months I accepted to do those things which I can't afford so I talked to my lawyer and he said just revoke and do the time is this a good idea? he is a public defender .please help what are my options
Your public defender is right, you can comply (which you say you can't afford), you can not comply and let the court...
Dwi of 0.15 in 2014
Dwi of 0.15 , in 2014 served probation up to 11 months but got extended for another year due to violation , sent to drug court.... Not for me , how much jail time will I get in total if I make that decision ?
It matters on the underlying sentence and how long you actually participated in the drug court program.
I have been charged with a DUI, active duty army, what can I do?
I've been in the army for 5-1/2 years, I'm currently a Sergeant. I got arrested for DUI March 6th, 2015. 5 months have gone by without anything happening, I went through 3 company commanders, 2 brigade commanders and even PCS'd (Itra-installation reassignment) within the brigade. This third commander is now pushing for chapter 14 and separation after the first two didn't. I was just flagged for the first time regarding this issue last week and the chapter process has now begun. I already completed alcohol counseling (ASAP) and the forms state that my units intent is to retain me (old commander). I feel like the new commander does not have the right to push for chapter after its already been decided I would be left alone. He is recommending General Discharge. What can I do?
Yes, you have an unfortunate problem. If you had six years, you would be entitled to a board to decide (at least...
I tested + for THC for DWI probation, the PO sent me for a TAIP, the counseler recommended no program, PO still wants me to go?
After the TAIP counseler interviewed me at the community service office, he said I did not qualify for the program and that he would recommend for me to just be tested and if I showed up positive again, then I will have to go through the program. My PO did not like this, tested me twice, in which I came out negative, then she said on the next visit that I should not get off that easy, and demanded that I go to another TAIP screening and program outside of the community service office. which is pending, should I have to go?
If you don't go, the probation officer is going to ask the judge to issue a warrant. If you want to hire a lawyer to...
Deffered DWI and CHL (Texas)
Hello, I was arrested back in 2012 for DWI but was granted deffered probation which I successfully completed. I would like to know if I am clear in apply for my CHL? According to (Sec. 411.172. Eligibility) it seems to me that I am in the clear since I see no mention of dissmed or deffered scenarios. Any information would greatly be appreciated. Best,
Q: If I received deferred adjudication for an offense, am I eligible for a Concealed Handgun License (CHL)? The...
I'm on probation for a DWI. I'm getting kicked out of the place i'm staying at and have to move back home but its out of state.
I talked to my probation officer but all he told me was to find a new place.
File a Motion with the Judge and ask for out of state permission. This is a matter of State law. I would strongly...