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What is max penalty for 1st offense intoxicated and disruptive? What class misdemeanor is this?
Neighbor in street heard me say "bullshit" and later was charged with being intoxicated and disruptive
This is a class 3 misdemeanor. The maximum punishment is 20 days in jail, but that only applies of you have 5 or more...
What can happen to me for a DWI and FTA from 1991 in NC
Evidently I was charged with a DWI in NC but I left the state before I went to court and to be absolutely honest I don't even remember this but it is causing issues with my present license. I have lived in Alaska for more than 23 years now
I guess the folks at Alaska Division of Motor Vehicles issued you a license at some time in the past but will not...
Are there any alternatives to interlock in NC?
My husband acquired 4 dui's 20+ years ago before I met him. It was before the three strike rule. He was sentenced to the interlock but never looked into it. Since it has been so long ago, are there any alternatives besides the interlock to restore his license privileges? Thank You.
This is a DMV question. However, it is almost certain that he will have to get an interlock to be eligible for any...
What can I do about a 1991 DWI with failure to appear case I just realized was out there (I live in Alaska and not going NC)
I was living in a brutally abusive marriage at the time and the state of NC offered literally no support or protection to victims of domestic violence. I was living in hell and saw no way out. I developed a drinking problem as a way of coping. Eventually I ran - fled the marriage and the state and never looked back. Truth be told I don't even remember this case. I have been sober for the last 20 years and even minister a sobriety support group. I was beaten within an inch of my life in NC and no one (law enforcement) did anything to help or protect me I vowed when I left I would never step foot back in that state and I haven't and will not. I just want to resolve this case without being present.
I am moving your practice area to get you more accurate responses.
Best lawyer for 2nd dui inside the 7 year guildline with refusal to consent in Randolph county nc
I was in a single vehicle wreck while i was at the hospital i was charged with DUI I cant remember anything after swerving i was dodging an animal i believe hit a tree at 60 mph. I was in shock my wife tells me i was out of my head but they say i refused the take the test does a person state of mind after a sever accident no account because i know not to refuse anything a cops ask me to do. its bad enough ive been charged with another DUI. waited 3 years on the first one to prove my case just to plead guilty since they were going to trail without my proof just to get into an accident and them using my state of mind after this bad wreck to muscle me into a DUI charge i have no memory of the hospital or them arresting me after or even my wife taking me home. I would like the best lawyer I can get in this county so I can have a fair go at this case so Im not just giving up like before. also i was driving with a provisional license and WAS coming home from a job site
We can't self-promote via the Q and A section of avvo.
I was charged with a DUI on a scooter, but was not pulled over by an officer ,
This is my 4th in 6 years , but was not driving this time, have been sober since my arrest August 23 the day before my birthday, but there was 2 witnesses , a waitress in sir pizza and a customer , but they waited for me to go outside and the called the police so I waited , so it's been taking a long time , I thought my lawyer was going to take care of it in the beginning because the witness were not there and now they have been subpoenaed for Nov 3, at one time the district attorney called me up and said he was going to take care of it on the next court date and my lawyer just kept on continuing it. Would as meetings help me with my case , I have a good job and I am a good person
Treatment, AA, etc., certainly helps if you reach sentencing and may cause the prosecutor to take mercy on you. You...
What can i do to get a hearing to get my license back sooner.
i have had 3 dui's in 2009 i had a speeding ticket i never took care of i had license at the time and it wa before the dui's so the suspensions on the dui's i was eligible in December of 2015 to have a dmv hearing for my dl in march of 2015 i paid. lawyer to take care of the speeding ticket from 09 now the dmv is saying because i was suspended at the time of conviction im not eligible for dl hearing intill 2018 my lawyer had got the speeding reduced to non moving violation what can i do to fix this so i can still get a dl hearingin december 2015
I would contact the DMV again to see if that changes anything.