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I was pulled over by a Georgia state patrol and was given a field test and passed all of them how can they still arrest me dui
I was behind the car for an hour and the paramedics came and said I was OK everything is normal but the officer insisted I was I was under the influence. How can they arrest me when I passed all the test I feel this is wrong and I had no blood alcohol level it was zero and the state patrol couldn't believe it
Unfortunately, you can be charged with a DUI without a blood, breath, or urine test. It's called a DUI less safe. The...
Do i have a chance of winning sn ALS hearing tomorrow?
In August i was arrested for dui refusal, i gave a breath test and passed but refused the blood test. I was arrested and the officer took my licence and i had 10 days to appeal and i did, i hired Rob Mclendon. The reason i didnt take the blood test is because i was n the military and when i left they put me on all sorts of meds, some that make u test positive for opiates. Do i have a chance of winning and getting my licence back with a good lawyer?
Unless the officer made a huge mistake you are not likely to win the ALS Hearing. This is a civil hearing, and the...
DUI laws in Georgia are brutal. Why does department of driver services require you to go through so much to get your license?
I've had 2 duis in Georgia, one in '06 & in '09. I did the DUI risk reduction program & got my certificate. Now they want an evaluation and I did that & he stuck me in a 17 week DUI intervention program and I have to pay $70 a week! Sounds like a money racket here. Also they say I have to have an ignition interlock device and my duis were not even alcohol related! I filed for it to be waived but got denied, I just want a lawyers opinion on this this is a bit much for a guy with just 2 duis.
Simply put it's because the politicians pass the laws, and everyone loves drunk driving legislation until it has an...
How much jail time will i get for getting arrested for theft and cocaine possession while on probation for a DUI in Georgia ?
On probation since November 2012 . Got arrested for new offense on Jan 23 , 2013 . Currently in the Decatur County Jail .
You could get the entire balance of your probation revoked and spend the rest of your sentence in jail. You need to...
What's my risk for and how to avoid a DUI?
I suffer from debilitating back pain that requires percocet at a minimum as well as soma or baclofen to literally sometimes not just be in tears from pain. On my last visit to my pain dr they had me sign something that stated driving and taking percocet was an automatic dui. First off, I don't and haven't drank in over 20 years because I take pain pills, but I also don't take a pain pill and drive but obviously they stay in my system. So there are days that I will be in incredible pain but know I have to drive and I just grit my teeth and sometimes literally cry until I can get home. What I want to know is with taking pain pills how can I avoid any question of a dui short of not driving which is not an option in my situation at the moment. I've not had any tickets in 17 years and my mother was permanently disabled from a car accident caused by someone who was high on marijuana and I don't want anyone else to have to suffer the childhood I did. So I'm not looking for loopholes but what I have to do to not put me at risk legally.
You avoid a DUI by not driving when you have meds in you which could affect you. The fact that your medication is...
Advise: DWI/DUI is 2 different states?
My brother has two DWI's in Texas that happened within the past 10 years, and has now received a DUI in Georgia. What is the worst we can expect?
I hate it when people ask what is the "worst" that can happen, yada, yada . But here goes: 12 months in jail, $1,000....
What happens with a dui probation violation ?
I was pulled over and arrested for a DUI (drugs less safe). I went to Chatham county jail for a few nights then was bonded out for roughly 500$ after 10%. I was already on probation in the same county just a different city for possession of marijuana it was only two roaches in court it was dropped to a disorderly conduct , impeding with traffic which got thrown out completely in court. Distributing to a minor which got dropped to disorderly conduct and I got a drug related object possession charge which got dropped to a disorderly conduct. I believe at this time of my DUI arrest I was on my second or third probation violation for current probation officer. I had court for DUI and it was dropped to a reckless driving and my failure to maintain lane got dropped to a disorderly conduct. I was sentenced Two years probation but if I get my fines paid off within one year I would be done but if I went over a year it was mandatory two years probation well about eight months into probation of doing very well I just stop going I stopped paying fines reporting is another thing I stopped. It was about six months later of not reporting I have a warrant andrunning what’s going to happn
Sounds like you just want to go to jail. Some folks are just like that. You can expect that your probation will be...