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You go to jail 20 days for DUI2, and given 6 months suspended sentence .
You commit violation driving with revoked license, can jail be changed to a less hard punishment
The punishment for a violation of probation will be determined by the judge who sentenced you on the DWI. There are...
How can a first offense DUI impact a career in the health industry? virginia
I was suffering from post partum depression at the time...had not had a drink in two years...went out with friends and had too many beers. I do not drink at all now. Have been diagnosed with Depression, anxiety and Bi-polar since the incident. I am on medication with my dr. and have been dong fine since my conviction almost 3 years ago. I would like to return to school but am finding many areas of study have restrictions on past DUI charges.
There is nothing you can do about the prior conviction at this point. Look for areas of study where your past is no...
How will a dismissed/expunged DUI affect citizenship?
I was charged with a DWI first offense in Fairfax County VA. The officer made a mistake by arresting me and I hired a lawyer. The case was obviously dismissed by the judge and the charges expunged. I am a US permanent resident and am now eligible for citizenship, do I have to mention this incident on my N-400 (because my case was dismissed and expunged therefore it "legally" never happened). Furthermore, am I going to face any problems with obtaining my citizenship?
The N-400 specifically asks if you've ever been arrested or cited - don't try to hide anything just because it was...
When my future employer ask if I had any alcohol related charge, do I say yes? or am I safe to say no.
I was arrested with DWI charge, but the charge was amended to Reckless Driving.
Depends how the question is asked and what you actually plead to. Sometimes employers ask "have you ever been...
Effect of Supreme Court Bernard decision on Virginia DWI refusal law
If SCOTUS rules that Minnesota's DUI refusal law is unconstitutional in this term's Bernard case, what effect will it have on Virginia's refusal statute? Will the whole thing be void? Just the criminal portion? Any possibility for post-conviction relief for people with a record of refusal? Is the Virginia defense bar tracking this?
There is a distinct difference between the Minnesota law and the Virginia law; primarily in how Virginia treats refusal...
Would the state hold me responsible if my husband injured someone while drink driving? I play no part in the drinking.
My husband is an alcoholic and driving under the influence. He already has one DUI conviction and is fully aware of the consequences should he be stopped by the police a second time. I have told him repeatedly that what he is doing is wrong and that he is endangering himself and others on the road but to no avail. I want nothing to do with him when he is drinking and would never get in a car with him in that state unless I was driving and even then only if it was absolutely necessary. Do I have a legal responsibility to prevent him from drink driving? If so, what actions does the state expect the spouse to take? Would the state hold me responsible if he were to have an accident and cause injury to others?
You indicate that you want nothing to do with him when he is drinking. I assume that this means you are not serving...
What will happen in DUI situation where breathylzer failed and my mom did not drink at all?
So my mother got her first DUI a couple months ago and she has been on probation for some months and she has the breathalyzer in her car that she has to blow into everyday. One time she had drank the night before and blew into it the next day and got a violation which she admitted to her PO that she drank the night before . However she is supposed to get her breathalyzer taken out of her car today but her PO is out of town and she has to wait for her to come back in town. My question though is my mom got sick over the Christmas holiday and took dayquil nightquil and some other meds and yesterday she went to head to work and she blew into her breathalyzer and it said violation again. She has not been drinking at all and she is really scared that they are going to put her in jail and I am scared for her as well because she has been doing really well and she really was not drinking. Can someone tell me what will happen please ?
She needs to get her DUI lawyer involved. Even though the interlock could have been removed eearlier, she may still be...