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How long is tn courts allowed. to produce bac tests before retiring case..been waiting 7 months
Charged with dui..been to court 3 times ..court still waiting on bac test after 7 months is there a time limit on how long the court has to produce these results?
Your attorney should file a 28(b) Speedy Trial Motion. Any blood alcohol test should be returned between 6-8 weeks, 3...
Will I be arrested for violation of probation of a Tennessee DUI?
I finished my community service days, paid all fines and self reported for me requested time. The only request I did not fill was my DUI class. I moved and things got hectic at the end. But I have a date and paperwork of me having a class prepared for after my court date. I am representing myself so I really need guidance.
If the DUI class was a requirement of your probation then yes your probation officer could file a violation that you...
If a drunk driver hit my house and car?
He was driving a vehicle with dealer tags, cant we sue the dealership for letting him drive off the lot with no insurance or drivers license? We have no insurance either.
More facts are needed to evaluate. See prior answer. I understand the driver was drunk. Did the dealership know the...
This is the end of 2016. Has it changed any for a 1st time DUI to be expunged?
Need to know if it will benefit me to take the 12 hour class. As of today I am off probation, have in my hand my license unrestricted and Smart Start off my car. The job I quit (vs being fired) requires no DUI for 3 years. Do I have to wait these additional 2 years in this Gawd awful, unintelligent Podunk town/state before I can go back to work? (sorry, I am not in TN because I want to be here)
No, DUIs cannot be expunged in Tennessee. Under current law driving under the influence is one of the specific crimes...
Is it illegal in Tennessee to drink alcohol at home while on probation for a DUI?
I recently got a DUI and now I'm on probation. If I drink a beer at home is it going to violate my probation?
If you were put on probation you have a document which details the probation. If it says you are not to consume...
Will I be drug tested at a drug and alcohol assessment?
I was put on supervised probation less than a month ago and have had 2 meetings with my probation officer already with no drug testing being done. I have a drug and alcohol assessment scheduled VERY soon and I know for a fact that I will fail a drug test if I am given one, are drug tests typically administered at these assessments and if I fail one will it be a violation of probation or is it basically a test to see where I currently stand for future testing by my probation officer? I was charged with simple possession/casual exchange with 1 year supervised probation.
This varies from place to place. Some places do a test with an assessment, some don't. It sounds like you're already...
Would it be illegal for me to hire a non-professional to go undercover and do a drug bust with everything recorded or Taped?
I do not have enough money for a private investigator but I was wondering if I could hire a random person to basically see if this person is selling drugs and what questions I need to ask and how to go about doing it to avoid entrapment. Something as simple as do you know where I can score some Roxy's or Opanas. Me knowing the person sells drugs I just need to prove it and how to do it legally and then get the cops involved. So basically how do I setup my own drug bust?
You need to consult with a local attorney. It sounds like there is another issue here causing you to want to see if...