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I'm in Tennessee and have to go to court for my second driving on revoked is there jail time involved?
I have to go to court on my second offense driving on revoked will there be jail time involved I am located in Cleveland Tennessee
Potentially depends on your record, how long until you get your license back but usually its 6 months probation.
DUI arrest with multiple traffic violations
One of my friend arrested for DUI with several other charges. He is undocumented immigrant so I do not know if some one will help him or not. some one has already pay bond amount 10% for him. but he was put under 'immigrant hold". not sure, he has to face criminal changes or he has to face a deportation charges or both. As a friend , i am LPR so i am afraid that if i go to jail to meet him or if I help him in hiring attorney. will this has any impact on my LPR status and getting my citizenship. Also would like to know that if he does not hire attorney and pled guilty then he got convicted for all the seven charges. and how he requested public defense attorney for his criminal case. He is alerady under the medication of acute psoriasis so i am not sure that he is able to get the treatment for the same in jail.
Your friend has to face both Immigration and the state court system. They are two separate issues that are connected...
Can I be held civilly liable for damages cause by my spouse's DUI?
The house is held in my name only and I purchased it before we ever met. Bank accounts are separate except the savings account where our tax refund gets deposited and my spouse's checking account so I can keep his check book balanced. His checking account pays bills held in his name only. My accounts are in my name only and only pay bills in my name. All household bills are in my name. His car is in his name only, and mine is in my name only. I am listed on his auto insurance as an authorized driver, and he is listed as an authorized driver on my car insurance (we have separate policies and different companies). He is listed as a dependent on my health insurance. If he were to injure or kill someone in a DUI, could I my assets be at risk?
The issue is what assets do you and your husband share that could be subject to claim in a civil suit against him. It...
DUI first offence.Tested High BAC with perscribed meds.
I am 100% DAV for PTSD. Incodent occured 2 days after final hearing of divorce.I also am trying to rehabilitate myself by going to school. I can not afford too much jail time.
The minimum and most common sentence is two full days in jail (48 hours) followed by a year on probation. Factors like...
What is the typical punishment for a suspended license and reckless driving in Bradley county tennessee
I have previous convictions for a suspended license in florida but it's my first in tennessee.
Depends a lot on your history. (Don't say it here) We can give you max ranges and if there is a required minimum...
Will my license get suspended for a misdemeanor charge of evading?
I was in a motor vehicle and evaded the law. I went to court and the judge lowered it down to a misdemeanor so it wouldn't be a felony charge against me. Will I still have to worry about him sending the report and me getting my license suspended? He didn't mention to me that they would be suspended, but I'm worried.
Many jurisdictions do suspend a persons license for this type of activity. If you had an attorney help you with this...
What is an officer required to do in regards to implied consent advisement in TN?
I know that there is a form that the officer is required to get you to sign but in TN is that all they are supposed to do, have you sign it? After the arrest, I had the officer tell me that he had some paperwork for me to sign. He put the implied consent form in front of me and directed me where to sign it. Never told me what it was, never read any questions from the form, or told me what I was agreeing to. Fortunately all of this is on tape. I took the test but feel as though I was coerced into doing so. Doesn't he have some responsibility under law on advisement? Is he required to read the form? Also, how could this impact my blood test results being used?
unfortunately, the officer is not required to read anything to you. you have the affirmative duty to read what you...