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XIf possession of paraphernalia won't stick, can they change it to constructive possession?
I was a passenger in someone else's vehicle when driver got pulled over and arrested for speeding, DUS, and DUI of drugs and not alcohol after failing sobriety test. I was then asked to exit the vehicle to see if I was ok to drive. He had me follow his pen and abruptly stopped saying I was high because my eyes were"jumping." huh? While i was on my phone calling a ride, the officer decided to search the vehicle where he claims a dirty syringe was in the pullout tray with some misc papers under the passenger's seat. He said it had to be mine because the driver would have had to get out of the car to put it there. Huh??? The car belonged to the driver's father. Iwas not aware of what was under the seat, nor was I ever in "possession" of the syringe. Gross! I was charged and i pleaded not guilty. Its municiple and i have jury selection this Tuesday. How can i file a motion to dismiss because its crap?
You should hire a criminal defense attorney. You should not be defending yourself even if you were a lawyer. Dr....
How can i get the third section of my PDLA form signed if my parents aren't legal in the U.S. and don't have a drivers license?
I passed my driving test for a restricted license at a driving school and wanted to get the actual license at the DMV. I went to the DMV in the afternoon with my mom to give them all the paper work I needed to get the license. At the DMV they gave us a paper to fill out to get the license. We filled out the paper and all we needed to do now is just sign the signatures on the paper and we're good. My mom signs the paper, but leaves the part where they ask for a drivers license number blank. The lady at the DMV says its fine and proceeds to look at the PDLA form to look for dads drivers license number. I then told the lady my dad doesn't have a drivers license. The third part of my PDLA form was signed by my uncle that is legal and has a drivers license. She then tells me that the third part of the PDLA form can only be signed by a parent or legal guardian. The lady then tells me she cant do anything for me and to have a good afternoon. Is there any way to get my restricted drivers license without my parents having a drivers license.
Your parents should consult with an immigration attorney. I assume your uncle is a legal citizen of the U.S. The lady...
Will a DUI charge show up on a background check for job applications
I was charged with a DUI in the state of south carolina. The charged was dismissed and expunged. So will any background check be able to find it?
A background check will show convictions and pending charges. A criminal charge that has resulted in an acquittal...
Can I change my underage dui court date to an earlier date, and how do I go about my case?
I was arrested for underage drinking and open container in South Carolina. It is my first time being charged with this. I was originally pulled over for going 69 in a 45. I failed 1 of the 3 tests, the eye one, so they took me to the station to do a breathalyzer. I blew a 0.01% which is under what I needed to. So I would like advice on how to proceed with that part of my case. But also I am going to Australia for a couple weeks to visit a friend that moved there which so happens to be when my court date is. Anyway I can ask for an earlier date or something so I don't miss court or my trip? Side not. The officer said I was acting like I was on naccartics, even though I honestly wasn't. I was extremely nervous. It was my first time being pulled over let alone being told to get out my car. So how do I handle that situation. I'm very concerned about what to do. Any help is much appreciated
You would be well advised to hire a criminal defense attorney, say nothing, plead not guilty and ask for jury trial. A...
What can be done in this situation?
I was coming from home after coming from a bar. I went to make a left turn and got hit in the rear driver side wheel. I took a FST on uneven pavement and was arrested for DUI. When given the breathalyzer I blew a .16. This is my first offense.
You should call a lawyer who handles DUI cases on a regular basis this morning. The financial impact of a DUI...
Received charge of Habitual Traffic Offender 3rd Offense but NEVER charged OR convicted of a 2nd... Only ever a 1st.
Received a Driving Under Suspension 3rd or subsequent and Habitual 3rd. My question is not about the Driving Under Suspension because I understand and agree with that charge. But not the other. 3 years ago, I was charged and plead to ONE Habitual Traffic Offender but have NEVER been charged or convicted of a Habitual 2nd. The officer told me that he charged me with a 3rd offense due to the Department of Motor Vehicles placing me on HTO status and not a criminal conviction, which is what he was counting as the second offense. Is this legal or can I get this charged dismissed? it seems that this would be penalizing me for a crime I did time and paid a fine for previously or double jeopardy ... Please help
You should discuss this with a SC attorney in more detail. If you want to find one in your area here on AVVO you can...
Charged with Habitual Traffic Offender 3rd offense, but only ever charged and convicted of a 1st.
Received a DUS 3rd or subsequent and Habitual 3rd. I have been charged and plead to one Habitual in the past but have never been charged or convicted of a Habitual 2nd. The officer told me that he charged me with a 3rd offense due to the DMV placing me on HTO status and not a criminal conviction. Is this legal or can I get this charged dismissed? it seems that this would be penalizing me for a crime I did time and paid a fine for and then doubling it... Please help
I highly recommend you hire an attorney for this. Given the high stakes, a thorough review of your priors (suspended...