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Is there a statute of limitations for DWI in NC? My case is still pending after nearly two years.
I have been waiting on lab results from Raleigh, NC for nearly two years now. In the meantime, I have been turned down for employment four times due to this pending case. I refuse to admit guilt because the proof is in the blood test. Isn't there some time limit to what is considered fair to process this testing?
If you've been charged, then the statute of limitations has been satisfied. You may have a speedy trial argument, but...
Do I qualify for conditional driver license?
I was arrested for a dwi I'm underage (19) i blew a .15 i was not driving i was simply lost i pulled over since phone died i was flaging cars down for directions suddenly officer pulled up he took me to jail my license is revoked for 30 days i was not assigned a bond just needed sober person to pick me up my truck was not impounded this is my second offense first was for misdemeanor larceny i was on unsupervised probation which ends on October my court date is on September 11th i need to drive to work to pay for fines and go to college will i be able to qualify for conditional driver license? if yes how? would going to AA meetings help? should i hire attorney or court appointment? thank you for reading
Getting an attorney can help you sort out all of your pending issues, as well as help you determine whether you are...
How to get rid of a 10 year old active warrant for a failure to appear superior court dui?
I pled innocence in district court for dui back in 2004 and served a few days of jail time. I wanted to appeal it through superior court but did not have the time to appear. My job position was in jeopardy. Ten years later, I relocated to a different state and cannot get a state drivers license. I know I need an attorney but almost every attorney I spoke with in rowan county are charging high fees with no guarantee of getting my driving rights restored. 10 years....why is it so difficult?
Try my office. This kind of case is never cheap, now or especially 10 years removed
I am looking for the best Florida driver's license restoration lawyer in the state.
Permanently revoked for 3 DUIs and 1 Refusal in 1990. Non-resident since 1990. Sober for 25 years. Been in current home state since 1995 and need FL DL clearance to this state.
I am not sure who the best in Florida is. You may want to call the FL Bar association.
Fail on interlock
Ate at Thai resterant, had Thai curry food and drank a lemonade. I started my car fine from resterant and then on down road I had to blow, it failed me and locked me out for 5 min. I blew again and it failed me, and locked me out for 45 min. After the 45 min, I blew again and passed that blow and the rest on my way home just fine. I'm scared, will that show as achohol and will I lose my privelage???
This is a DWI/Criminal law question. I have relisted it in that area so that you can receive an appropriate response....
Can I be sent to jail on a probation violation?
I was placed on probation September 6 2012. I was charges with a DUI on February 3 2013. I was noble to pay all of my monies due in time (but I did pay all restitution) so my po violated me for unpaid money and being charged with DUI. My probation was technically over on February 6 2014. I was not convicted of DUI until february 26 2014. The DA continued my case on purpose so that the conviction would happen before my probation case was settled. Is there anything I can do to keep from going to jail?
If the PO filed a violation, that "tolled" your probation, so it would not end until that violation was resolved. You...
My NCDL were suspended until Jan. '14. I am moving to CO, whats the process for getting my CODL? Thanks , Robert
I was charged w/ DUI in NC (2011) and NCDL suspended for 12 mo. from conviction date. which is 1-22-13. I am moving to CO and I am wanting to get a CODL. What are the steps I need to take to get my CODL's
Well, it makes sense to get everything cleared here in NC. . .at least as it pertains to complying with the judgment....