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I have no car for interlock device during suspension period?
I am half way done with my license suspension for a DUI in NJ. I was reading through my paperwork and noticed that not only must I have an interlock device for one year after my license is restored (ok) but also during my suspension period... But I have had no vehicle since my suspension began last year. What do I do? Will this be a violation although next year if I do get a car , have the device installed and approved by the MVC,will they still reinstate my license?
The MVC will want to see proof of interlock installation before they will allow you to get your license back. So it...
Will having alcohol in my home violate my probation if I have a home visit because I am on probation for a dui
I am on probation on nj for a DUI, I have not been home for a home visit but want to be prepared when my P.O stops by.Obviously I am aware I need to stay away from drinking. Though I live with my boyfriend who has a few beers and shots when he gets home from work. Will having alcohol in my home violate my probation?i am also unsure of what to expect.
Maybe it would depend on the terms of your probation. I suggest that you ask your lawyer who represented you as he...
In NJ , can i get my license restored any sooner then the 10yrs for my 3rd DUI yrs ago ?
got my 3rd DUI almost 3yrs ago . served my 6 month sentence and still paying fines
The penalty for a 3rd DUI w/in 10 years is a 10-year loss of license. That's the penalty the legislature decided on,...
Failed field sobriety test , was arrested n pass breathalyzer test .o4 ... do i need a lawyer?
first off i was driving my friends car (which he was intoxicated at the time) n his License was suspended ... so the cops ran the tags when they was behind me n pulled us over , they suspected drinking going on by the smell of liquor in the car (which he had an open bottle in there as well) so they had me get out to do the dui field sobriety tests which the cops claim i failed so they arrested me n took me to the station to take the breathalyzer test n passed .04 let me go .. which i have to appear for court but gave me 4 tickets for driving while under the influence of liquor or drugs, obstruction of winshield for vision,open container of alcohol , and reckless driving
It is my opinion that any time you are facing potential loss of license and other "consequences of magnitude" you...
I got charge with a dui even though i was not in the vehicle when the cops arrive ? Do i have a good chance to fight it. To
You need a good lawyer for any DWI charge
If i got a a1 dui in pennylvania. Mi license didt get suspende but i got convicted of a dui. Then i got a dui in new jersey
Will it be mi second dui and get the conseques for a second ?
If you did the ARD program in PA (which expunges a first DUI in Pennsylvania, perhaps the only state that does that)...
Am I in fresh legal trouble?
I got a second dui about 3 years ago in NJ. Paid my surcharge off, paid suspension, and all other costs. Havent driven since, but never got the interlock. Court said I needed it on for a year while suspended, then 2 while driving. DMV says I can get an interlock and start driving. Who is right, and am I going to get in more trouble now?
You will need to get the interlock installed in order to drive in the state of New Jersey. You will not be restored...